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    Any one out there have a few good ideas for a goodie box that I am planning on putting together for my son and his wife (early 30s) for a drive from Cleveland to San Francisco. They are planning on 5 days of driving and I thought some food, games, books, music, etc. would be nice to surprise them with. Although I love a road trip, I haven't been on one in quite a while. My daughter-in-law will be flying back as my son will be shipping out for 4 months and this will be some last time alone together for them and I'd like it to be enjoyable. Any ideas would be great. I thought of the electronic 20 question game and some magazines, but I'm preparing to have their 3 kids for the whole time and I'm a little brain frazzled!

    Thank you.

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    Default A Kid's RoadTrip Go-Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyingstandby View Post
    Any one out there have a few good ideas for a goodie box that I am planning on putting together for my son and his wife (early 30s) for a drive from Cleveland to San Francisco.
    As it happens I have written a column for on this very topic . The article won't be published until the 20th, so here is a preview and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!

    Pack “Car Kits” for each child. This is a great way to enhance the excitement surrounding the trip. Choose age-appropriate items including crayons or markers, pads of paper, bandanas, personal travel pillows, games, small toys, a few treats, and their first day’s “travel allowance.” Maps of your route are great for children old enough to read. They can trace their progress, learn to navigate, and even stop asking “Are we there yet?” quite as often. Age appropriate “travel allowances” give kids leeway for shopping in gift stores and tourist traps without begging for money at every stop.

    Put everything in a bag or other container each child can use on the trip to hold souvenirs, interesting “finds,” etc. Nylon lunch bags or small daypacks work well. Let the children know that they’ll be getting their Car Kits the day you leave home. It’ll give them one more thing to look forward to, and you won’t have any trouble at all getting them out of bed. You can add to the Car Kits as the trip progresses, giving the kids a little something to look forward to each morning.

    I will provide a link to the rest of the article, after it has been published. In the meantime, here are some more ideas.

    Oops! I missed the part about who was going on the trip -- early 30's... So, in a grown-up Kids Go-Kit -- I would put in a guide book about B&Bs and romantic get aways, I would go to the Byways site and and print out a few of the possible scenic drives they could do along the way. I would also put in some good quality massage oils and encourage them to take some time and enjoy their journey. (I have to do a better job reading these posts...) Our good wishes go with your son as he prepares for his assignment!

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    Sounds like you have some great ideas to put in the goodie box. How about some books on tape/cd? They really help to pass the time. No matter how old we are Mad Libs or those books that you use the magic pen in are still lots of fun. Crossword puzzles can be fun too because both people can be involved coming up with the answers. I love family history and great stories that can be passed down to my children. I know there are fill in the blank kinds of books out there where mom and dad (often these are designed for grandparents though) can tell about their childhood, how they met and other fun facts. Or you could take a notebook and make your own book for them to reminisce and write down their story for the kids. Maybe there's a format available online. Hope this helps. ~Safe traveling!

  4. Default thank you!

    Thank you both for some excellent ideas! I'm busy getting things together now. Mark, your article sounds great and we'll use those ideas when my daughter-in-law and I drive the other vehicle out with the children! I like the Byways site. Last time my son and his wife went on a little trip, they ended up with twins! WinginIt - love your ideas too - I forgot about those madlibs, they're great. Thanks again!

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