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    I will be going to Orlando on last week of August. This is my first time to go on a road trip and i am with my two kids. It is a 19 hours drive and would like some ideas on where to spend a night and some interesting sight we can stop and visit along the way. Any suggestion?

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    Toronto to Orlando is 1300 miles. That is a two day trip only in the fantasy world of mapping done with artificial "intelligence". In the real world that will take three days, each of which will require a workmanlike 8 hours on the road (including gas, food and bathroom breaks. Spreading your drive out evenly over three days would make your overnight stops at Morgantown, WV and Columbia, SC. If you try to do this in two days I doubt very much that you will succeed. You certainly won't have time to stop and visit anything along the way. And neither you nor the kids will enjoy the drive very much at all. If you take three days, you will be able to take a couple of 1 hour or so breaks each day and see (if not completely explore)things like Niagara Falls and McConnells Mill State Park on Day 1; a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Fort Dobbs on Day 2; and Savannah and St. Augustine on Day 3.


  3. Default Help in finding a good place to sleep......

    Thanks for the is very helpful since i have no idea what to expect on this road trip. My concern is finding a good place to sleep overnight during the stops, a clean and reasonably price motel. I heard of so many bad motel experiences and that's the one thing that really scares me, finding a good place to sleep. Will appreciate any advice on these......and how much do they cost?....

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    To a very large extent, you get what you pay for. You can find economy motels for as low as $35-40 or upscale spas for $200 and up. I tend to prefer modestly priced name chains such as Days Inn, Comfort Inn, Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, etc. etc. This list is not meant as an endorsement of any particular chain, but rather to give you a feel for the kind of places that I think offer the best value, not necessarily the lowest cost or best facilities. In any event, I used our motel search engine and easily found such places for $60-90 in both Morgantown and Columbia.


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