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    yes, three kids and me...oh what fun! Or at least I hope I can make it fun for all of us and less stressful too. We are leaving Texas Friday morning...very early! probably before the sun comes up. We are then driving to Fort Myers Florida. I plan on it taking at least 2 days, but I want to make some stops on the way. I've done my internet searching for cool landmarks, funny things to see on the way and a little educational things. However, i haven't found much. Most sites want the city you are going to be in and I use those (being the bigger cities) and I find either nothing or nothing that will be interesting for my kids. Who are by the way 8, 5 and 3. I want to see unusual things as well...something the kids can go back to school and talk about. Any suggestions. My route will be like it is on map quest, leaving Dallas Texas to Fort Myers Florida. Oh yes, one more thing I need to stay really strict on budgeting. I wish I could visit water parks and that sort of things, but were on a tight budget. Any advice or interesting stops would be very helpful!

    Thanks...oh yeah, great website...glad I found it!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This is an almost 1300 mile trek and this is going to take a minimum of 3 days to drive with the kind of stops you're looking for. I'm amazed that you haven't been able to find enough interesting, educational stops along the way. Let me recommend these: The town where Bonnie and Clyde got gunned down. Vicksburg, the Natchez Trace, the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Florida Caverns, the Devil's Millhopper, and the Gamble Plantation. And since most of these are public parks, that should help keep you within your budget.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sham3303 View Post
    yes, three kids and me...oh what fun!
    Family road trips are the best! I have written a column about planning such an adventure and it will be published on the 20th of July -- but in the meantime, here are some trip planning tips.


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