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    Hey y'all my friend and i are taking a road trip down to houston,tx from nyc in august and we'd like to some suggestions on what to see/what route to take/what places are worth seeing.
    we're two college students with a very limited budget and a limited amount of time (4-7 days)
    the only place we for sure want to stop in is new orleans.
    is it possible to drive down the coast, like it possible to drive up the west coast (with the beautiful scenery)??
    any crazy must sees/ must do things???

    all suggestions are HUGELY appreciated.

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    Welcome to the site
    First of all, the most direct route from NYC to Houston is over 1,600 miles which, at a reasonable pace and allowing time for brief stops, is going to take 3-4 days. When you say you have 4-7 days, does that include the return drive? I presume not?

    Route wise, if time is limited, you're not gonna have chance to drive down the east coast and then cut across country. However you will pass very close to Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks along your route before heading through Birmingham AL with it's Civil Rights history. All three are well worth a visit. From Birmingham you will head south to New Orleans and then along I-10 to Houston.

    I visited some of these areas earlier this year -- read my report for my thoughts as it may give you some ideas.

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