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    Ok... so me and some friends want to go on a roadtrip this summer before we go our seperate ways to college... I live in Virginia Beach, VA and i dont really know where to go.. any suggestions?.... i cant go too far because my mom wount let me but please help me out with some places that i could go...

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    Define 'very far'... it could mean 50 miles to some and 5,000 miles to others! I suspect your definition is closer to 500 but we can't really help until we know. Also, what interests do you have and what sort of thing do you want to see and do on the trip?

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    I've taken many trips to Virginia and I have to say that it is a beautiful state to travel in, with many distinct regions for all tastes - from the city bustle of NoVA, to your hometown beaches, over to the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge mountains.

    What is considered "not too far"? A day's trip is roughly 500 miles. You can have a roadtrip that is five miles or five thousand - it all depends on the state of mind.

    How many days would you have to take your trip? What are your interests - both yourself and your friends? Are there any places that you've thought "I absolutely have to see that"?

    Take a look at our planning pages for some ideas to get you started. You and your friends will also want to take our compatibility quiz, to make sure you all know what each is expecting from this trip.

    Since it sounds as though you are all going to different places to college - you may want to avoid going to those places this go around. All the better to give you a reason to take a road trip to visit someone later down the line.

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