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    Me and some friends have been wanting to plan a road trip from San Antonio Texas, over to the west coast up to probably Portland Oregon... We have no idea where to start, but just have a couple landmarks we know we want to see...

    Roswell, New Mexico; Grand Canyon; Venice Beach; San Fransico; Hollywood; and then just camping up around northern california... any help anyone can give us would be GREATLY appreciated... just some pointers on where to start would be AMAZING... We're trying to go around March of 2008...

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are pages and pages on planning within this web site and you are invited to browse through them to get a flavor for how it's done. Everyone approaches it slightly differently, but at this point what you need first and foremost is a general idea of the scope of your trip. Before you do anything else, figure out what you've got to work with: how much time, how much money, interests, trip style, etc. One place to start is to spend a bit of time with your friends going over the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz just to make sure you're all on the same page regarding the general objectives of the trip. Then, since you have a few things you want to see, get out a map and mark those sites. See what roads connect them and look for other places of interest along the way. Being brutally honest with yourselves, Make sure that you can cover the proposed ground in the allotted time and with the available funds. Add or subtract as needed.

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    Default Roswell to Flagstaff

    You listed visits to Roswell, New Mexico and the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

    If you do Roswell, then you could do White Sands Natl. Monument, Silver City, and Whitewater Catwalk on your way into Arizona. Head north to Petrified Forest Natl. Park and the Painted Desert. Go west on I-40 stopping at the Standin' On the Corner city park in WInslow and Walnut Canyon Natl. Monument on your way to Flagstaff. Note: Snow could happen anywhere along the way during March.

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    Great suggestions above.
    We love the I-40 through the Southwest.

    New Mexico gas stations are few and far between BTW, so be sure to keep your tank topped off.
    The Grand Canyon is best visited first time at the South Rim entrance IOHO's.

    Study up on Roswell. Have a head for what you might want to see.
    We went in blind and got stuck in all the goofy tourist hype, which I liked, but the wife didn't expect.
    Their is a serious side to the town, and the silly, cheezy side too.
    Kinda like wrestling.

    Consider Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico. The simple self guided tour is plenty to do and see, and really good.
    You can have lunch at 750 ft below the earth.

    Sounds like your trip will be all good.
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    If you can afford it, the best view IMO of the Grand Canyon is from a helicopter. Did just that a few years ago and I don't regreat having spent the extra money. It is absolutely breath taking! Good luck on your trip!

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