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    My bf and I will be traveling from South Central Oregon (near Crater Lake) to Louisiana in about a week from now. We have done the trip from Oregon down through California looking at the ocean and then along the southeast route through new mexico-petrified forest, painted desert, grand canyon and we have also traveled through las vegas, salt lake city, to iowa and then south. this year we would like to perhaps go north and then east and take a look at mt rushmore, crazy horse memorial, and yellowstone area- perhaps visit a couple of american indian historical areas and then head south- maybe thru Kansas City. Not really sure.

    We recently purchased a National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass. We have a 4wd vehicle with room to sleep in the back on some nights. Also, we are interested in wifi hotspots along the way. We would like to get to Louisiana in approximately 6 days if possible.

    Any suggestions/ideas are appreciated.

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    Given enough time, you can wander any which way between Oregon and Louisiana. The most 'direct' route, I-5/I-10 is 2500 miles, while the general route you're proposing would come in at around 3000 miles. So a 6 day drive rather than 5 days. While that's really not too bad a price to pay for seeing entirely new countryside, especially when that countryside includes the Snake River valley, Yellowstone, Devils Tower, Rushmore, the Badlands, and the Missouri/Mississippi river system, the problem is that if you only have 6 days for the journey, you would have precious little time to actually get out of the car and experience any of what you're driving past. It can be done, and with two drivers you might be able to extend your daily driving range a bit (but not much). Just don't try it thinking you're going to get time to linger anywhere along the way.

    Your National Parks and Recreational Lands passes are good for admission to those lands but not camping fees. Most (if not all) of those lands do not allow distributed camping, so you will have to pat for the campground space even if you sleep in the back of your car. Here are a few tips on WiFi.


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    Thanks for your information. Sounds like we may need to add a couple of days onto the trip. I don't have to be back to work till August 1.

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