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Thread: I90 or I84?

  1. Default I90 or I84?

    I'm moving out to Seattle and decided to take the opportunity to see some of the Midwest.

    I am wondering if I90 or I84 would be a more scenic/interesting drive once we leave Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

    Any ideas of interesting places to see once we leave Wyoming?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    I don't think you can go very far wrong choosing either of these routes as far as scenery goes. Having driven them both I'd give the slight edge to I-90, but it's only a slight edge. There are a number of scenic byways in Idaho and here is a thread where I describe a RoadTrip I took in the I-90 area of Idaho and Washington, as well as a trip by another contributor to the I-84 area of southern Idaho. Tough decision, but one with no wrong choice.



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