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  1. Default Month-long cross country trip: WA to DC: Help!

    Hello. I posted about this trip a month or so ago, but we have changed some of our plans and I'd like some help/feedback from all of you experts!

    My boyfriend and I will be taking our first road trip in about a week. We will be going from WA state to DC and back...we have 1 month to do this (but we will be staying for a week w/ relatives in DC). We also plan to visit a friend in NYC and visit some family birth places in NJ and Penn. We plan to primarily camp and eat out of cooler (to keep costs down).

    For now, our rough plan looks like this:

    Seattle south to Salt Lake.
    Then I-70 through Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis to DC
    Travel up to Edison NJ, NYC.

    From there we will follow 80 then 90 basically back to Seattle (visiting the obvious places: Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, etc). main question is about route choice. Any alternate suggestions? Any other "must see" routes for first time road trippers???

    Also, any good tips on cheap hostels along the way??

    Thanks so much!
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    Default Forth and Back

    Three weeks to go back and forth across the country is comfortable, but not overly so. Just don't get into the mindset that you have "all the time in the world" for this or reality will eventually raise its ugly head. With your stops in (the other) Washington and New York, your cross-country travel portions are going to have to be pretty business like. You have picked the two best options for crossing the continent at that latitude, and your routes will give you the opportunity to see some of the great venues in this country, including Yellowstone, Badlands and Rocky Mountain National Parks, as well as some of the more 'unique' roadside attractions such as Wall Drug and the Corn palace in Mitchell, SD. There are also some unique hostels that you may pass near, here is a more general discussion of hostels, and one final resource for finding hostels along the way.


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    Thanks for your insight! I'm glad to know that we have "enough" time for our travels, but it is also good to know that we need to be aware of our schedule...

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