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    Default MI to MN in a week


    My husband and I are planning a road trip from Southwest MI to Minneapolis in a few weeks. We are looking for suggestions about things to see and routes to travel along the way. We also are interested in visiting some casinos and maybe some outlet malls along the way(OK so I want to visit the outlets !)
    Any suggestions on other fun things to see and do along the way would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Which way?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Did you already have a plan for which way you are going to make this trip? If you are going through Chicago, you could make the trip in as little as a long day on the road, soa week gives you tons of time.

    Outlet malls and Casinos aren't really high on my list, but I know there is an outlet mall just Northwest of Chicago off of I-90, and there is a Riverboat casino in Elgin, Il, about 30-45 minutes west of O'Hare.

    There is also a Casino in Milwaukee, and an outlet mall in Johnson Creek, WI, about halfway between Milwaukee and Madison.

    There is also both an Outlet Mall and a Casino on the south end of Wisconsin Dells that are both located on US-12 within about 2 miles of each other.

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    Default To Do on the Way to Minneapolis

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are quite a few interesting places to stop along I-90/I-94 between southwest Michigan and Minneapolis, including, if you haven't been there already, Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Indiana. As you work your way up through southwestern Wisconsin, there's Wisconsin Dells, home to the Tanger Outlet Center,but also the unique Circus World Museum in Baraboo. Also in Baraboo, the Ho-Chunk Casino. Closer to Minneapolis, but still in Wisconsin, there's the St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake. The, of course, there are the Minnesota Casinos.


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    We haven't made a plan on which path to take to MN. I know that we could do it in a day of lots of driving but I wanted to stop along the way. I am interested in seeing some sights and going through small quaint towns, as well as the other stuff I mentioned before. I am hoping that someone will have suggestions for a scenic route to take.

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    Thanks for the info and links! very helpful. My husband will wonder how I knew about these places:)

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    There are a TON of outlet malls in Wisconsin on the 94 from Chicago to Milwaukee right above the border. Of course, the very biggest of them all is the Gurnee Mills outlet mall which is right before the Wisconsin border across from Six Flags. I believe the freeway will tell you when to exit for it or just exit when you see the roller coasters.

    In Madison, WI I HIGHLY recommend stopping for a meal at Ella's Deli It is an AWESOME place and unlike any other restaurant I have ever been to. It is close by off the highway as well. If you are coming from Milwaukee take the east washington/state capitol exit and drive for .6 miles you will see it on your right.

    The Mars' Cheese Castle is also an icon of Wisconsin right along the 90/94 west.

    Have fun!!
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    Default MI to MN


    I have been hearing a lot about "Door Country" in WI. Could someone please tell me what this is? I am also looking for a scenic driving route to take from WI to MN. Also would appreciate suggestions for quirky or unique restaurants between MI and MN. I already have had one good suggestion for one in WI.


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    Default Door County

    Door County is the peninsula that juts out northeastward from Green Bay (the city) and separates Green Bay (the body of water) from Lake Michigan. I'll be up that way myself in about 10 days and if I come across any good eats, I'll let you know. The local specialties (that I'm looking forward to are Bratwursts and Whitefish Boils.


  9. Default Don't stop at Ella's!!

    Ella's Deli will certainly fit the bill for quirky and unique in Madison. They have the largest menu I think I've ever seen anywhere. Please keep going down East Washington Ave. to see downtown is beautiful, amazing and there's lots to do. Of course, I'm a little biased because I live here and love it! If you give me an idea of what kind of stuff you like I can make specific suggestions. Off the top of my head...

    1. Dane County Farmer's Market - the country's best farmers' market that goes all the way around the Capitol. Definitely try to be in Madison on a Saturday morning as this is not to be missed.

    2. From the Farmers' Market stroll down State Street towards the University of Wisconsin Campus. Wander around and take in all of the funky shops on State Street.

    3. At the end of State St., cross Library Mall (it will be obvious) towards the right and head to the Memorial Union. The building is pretty cool but ask people to direct you to the Rathskellar and out the door to the terrace on the lake. This is Madison's favorite hang-out for all types of people. Technically only union members can buy beer but a little known fact is that you can ask at the bar (inside the Rathskellar) for a day pass and they'll let you. Also be sure to check out the University's famous Babcock ice cream.

    4. The Henry Vilas Zoo is worth a quick jaunt as it's small and free and in beautiful Wingra Park.

    There are endless possibilities but these are a good start. Enjoy your trip!

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    Thanks for all of your great recommendations! I can't wait to get started!

    Take care

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