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  1. Default Budget question for a road trip?

    Hi everybody,
    I'm living in France, and I would like to know how much does it cost for a 3weeks road trip around California.I think as little like 3500$ ?
    I'm planning it soonner I can, because I'll go there in august 2008, so I'have some time.I'll use bus for moving to L.A, S.F, and Vegas, and I'm actually looking for the sleep, hotels or things like that..
    Maybe my question is a little bit hard too answer, but if somebody can help me, or give me some good information or tip(does this word exist??!!) for my trip, I'll be very thankfull.
    I hope you guys understand me,
    thanks, see you soon on this forum.

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    Default Beaucoup de l'Argent

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique.

    I think that you can have quite a nice trip on $3500 over 3 weeks, so long as you are not going to be buying your plane ticket with that money. If you are over 24 years of age, then you can expect a car rental to cost you about $250/week. Fairly nice hotels would be around $75/night or $525/week. Food, assuming you eat all your meals at 'American Cuisine' restaurants would be another $40-50/day or $350/week. All of those estimates are near the upper end of what a typical American tourist would pay and you can save money on all of them by renting a smaller car (or in your case, using buses between cities and not getting a car at all), staying at 1-2 star motels rather than 2-3 star establishments, and eating some of your meals from a cooler. In either case, I think you're going to have a great time - your budget is fine.


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    Well, thant's wonderfull, merci !
    thank you AZ, you respond to a another question, I'll liked too ask: the car.
    I can forget it because I just have my 21 so it's impossible to rent one.
    A real road trip is waiting for me...
    If you think about something very important I should see, just let me know,I'll be very happy.
    AZ, do you think it's better to reserved motels before comming, or I can wait to be there, California in my case?
    Voila !! Your french is good, it's so funny, you inpress me!! :)
    Ok, thanks for your quickness.

  4. Default Reservations...

    Needing reservations depends upon where you want to stay, and when..

    August in the US is the big summer vacation month. If you want to stay in a specific hotel, at an exact time -- you probably should get reservations, rather than leaving it up to chance. If you are heading for a location that has a limited number of hotel rooms, and is in a high demand area (such as in a hotel inside a national park, where rooms are limited) -- you probably should get reservations.

    But if you aren't picky about a specific hotel, or are willing to have a hotel within an area (willing to drive another 15-30 minutes to get a room), then you most likely can just drop in and find a hotel. For example, the area around Disneyland has thousands of hotel rooms in dozens of hotels -- you probably don't need a have a specific reservation, unless there's a convention in town. But then there are thousands of more hotel rooms within 30 minutes drive...

    What I typically do is have a guidebook listing hotels in an area (AAA guidebook -- American Automobile Association -- although there are many different ones available). When I start figuring out about where I want to stop for the day at about 2 or 3 PM, I'll pull out a guidebook and call ahead on my cell phone to book a room.

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    Default Quelques Pensées

    Besides the major cities that you will be visiting, you should also make a point of trying to see some of the coast and the smaller cities between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Unfortunately, this will be difficult. Amazingly, there is no train service between L.A. and S.F., and there is no bus service along the coast road! So the best suggestion that I can offer you is to take Greyhound between the two large cities and then take one of the local buses from San Francisco airport to Monterey.

    August is a busy travel time in the US (but not as busy as in France!), so if you know where you want to go and how long you want to stay, then, yes, I would suggest getting reservations a couple of months before you come.


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    Default Renting at 21

    It isn't impossible to rent a car at age 21, you'll just have to pay a little bit more. I think you should be able to find a place that would only add a $10-20 dollar per day charge for being a 21-24 aged driver.

    Now, when you are on a budget, that can still be tought, so you might try say taking the bus to Vegas, and then renting a car for just a portion of your trip, so you can get to places like the coast road or Yosemite that are not easily accessable from public transportation.

  7. Default Train between LA and Bay Area...

    There isn't a train service between LA and SF -- but there is train service between LA and the Bay area -- with stops either at San Jose or Oakland (across the bay bridge from SF). There are connecting buses into SF from both these stations.

    There are two main routes for Amtrak (the train) along the coast in California -- the main one is the "Coast Starlight" which starts at Seattle, and comes down through Oakland and San Jose, through Salinas and Paso Robles, to follow the coast near Santa Barbara and ends in LA.

    The other is the "Pacific Surfliner", which travels from Paso Robles through SLO, Santa Barbara and through LA to San Diego.

    There's a connecting busway service at Salinas to Monterey, and lots of local/ county buses around San Luis Obispo (SLO), Santa Barbara and the like -- although I don't know of a bus service down Coast Highway from Monterey to SLO.

  8. Default Re-me

    Well thank you guys for all those informations,
    You gave me a good news about the car, we have the same thing in france, it's more expensive when you are a young driver.... :(
    So I 'll follow your suggestions and reserved hotels, or motels, when my planning will be done, with the exact sites I want to see.
    I'm very happy about this forum, it's very usefull for me, so I send you a big "Thanks" to all of you.
    See you sooon

    Ps: Should I get a French guide, or an American one ?

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