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  1. Default MA-OH-IL-KS-CO-NM-CO-UT-NV-CA in an impala w/ 8ft trailer & cat

    i am headed on a cross country trip this monday and would love to hear your best advice on the best/worst highways/roads - we will have an impala and an 8 foot trailer, so i want to keep it as less tense as possible... i do not mind a bit of a hair raising drive, but nothing idiotic for these specific vehicles...

    any help/ideas is completely appreciated

    thank you all so much in advance.

    we are coming through from MA to OH to IL to KS to CO to NM (back) to CO to UT to NV to CA, san diego is the final destination...

    so if you all also have any unique, memorable, adventurous stops to share I would love to hear!

    i was going to reroute to highway 44 in santa fe through to 550 - up to durango, colorado, but recently read that was a pretty bad road - can anyone confirm this?

    thank you again!

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    Default What a Trip!

    You have a great roadtrip awaiting you. If it's not too late, please pass along what roads you are planning on using.

    Driving US Hwy-50 (the Loneliest Road) across Nevada is fun.

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    thank you so much for the reply...

    this is what we have so far, with a couple of routes that we might alter, depending on the roads themselves...

    91s to 84w to 80w into cleveland, ohio (1st stop)
    55s to 70W through springfield illinois (2nd stop)
    into lawrence kansas (3rd stop)
    into denver (night trip to boulder, 4th stop)
    to colorado springs (5th stop)
    to 25S into santa fe (6th stop)
    to bernalillo to 44N to 550 into durango
    491? to 191N to Moab (7th stop)
    to 70W to 15 S thru to St. George (8th stop)
    then to Las vegas (9th stop)
    and into san diego (final stop).

    491? to 191n
    70 w
    15 s

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    Default Good Routes, But One Tough Choice

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, for starters, one thing you'll want to do (and seem to have done) with that rig is to avoid the back-to-back set of toll roads that is I-90. So I'd suggest that you drop down on I-84 and use it to stay north of New York City and connect with I-80 around Scranton. You'd then switch over to I-76 at Youngstown OH and use I-71 to connect with I-70 at Columbus. I-70 could then take you straight on to and through central Colorado, leaving you with a major decision to make at Grand Junction. Do you head south on US-550, the Million Dollar Highway, to Durango, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, and perhaps the Grand Canyon? Or do you continue west on I-70 across the San Rafael Swell and down I-15 with stops at Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. It's a tough choice, but either route will bring you to within sprinting distance of Las Vegas before your final run to San Diego down I-15.


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    we plan on going to arches, zion, possibly bryce

    i was thinking i could come up from santa fe into durango and stop at mesa verde before heading north into moab... how are the roads for this part of the trip? this is where i would take 44 to 550...

    I have visited both areas when i was a child, but i was not the driver, nor did i have an 8 foot trailer - so this should be a bit more interesting!!

    I am completely open to suggestions!!

    thank you so much for sharing your input, it is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Couple of Comments

    When driving south on I-25 in CO, allocate time for Pueblo.

    The 491/191 is relatively flat; however, I don't care for 491 in New Mexico. It is a two-lane road with lots of traffic.

    I think a visit to Mesa Verde National Park is worth a visit.

    When on 191 in Utah, keep an eye out for Wilson Arch and Newspaper Rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgette412 View Post
    ...MA to ... san diego...
    Hi, you are also going to San Diego?! We will do the same thing too, but on July 23. (You may see my post "Boston to San Diego late July.")

    Please keep us informed of the road information on your way. And watch out for the fires in Utah and San Diego.

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    Default 44 isn't 44 anymore

    A few years ago New Mexico Hwy. 44 was completely rebuilt and is now US Hwy. 550, starting at Bernalillo. I havenít been on all of that road since they rebuilt it, but from Bernalillo to Cuba, NM, itís in pretty good shape. Much better road than it used to be.

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