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    My girlfriend and I are coming to the US in August for a road trip around the country, for three months. We are planning to rent a vehicle, and I have a few questions which I fear may have been asked somewhere in here before (sorry!)...

    Has anyone ever heard of or can anyone recommend 'STI USA', a rental company I found? Failing that, can anyone recommend a reliable / inexpensive rental company from which we can rent a camper-/mini-van for 3 months? We're flying in and out of NY.

    Also, we're planning on (a) camping as much of the time as possible, and, (b) visiting a lot of national parks, and we've consequently been talked out of renting a sedan-type car because apparently we'll need to be able to sleep in our vehicle in those (many) areas populated by inquisitive bears. Is this true? Or can we get away with a smaller (cheaper) car?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are plenty of places where you might encounter a bear while camping, but it certainly doesn't mean you have to sleep in a vehicle! This thread talks a bit about dealing with bears, but basically as long as you follow simple safety rules, you will be fine, even in a tent.

    Clearly, you wouldn't have to rent an RV. However, it certainly could be fun and add to your experience if you have the money. This article talks about how to find the right RV, and offers some suggestions on how to find a good rental company.

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    Thanks Michael. Was that site I linked to a questionable one??

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