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    We two are planning to have a trip from los angeles to madison, wisconsin in 3-4 days in last week july. Any suggestions regarding stop overs? planning to drive 500-600 miles/day. Would like to know other useful tips to make journey stress free and enjoyable as this will be our first trip.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, you've already taken the first step towards a nice stress free journey by planning to travel a very reasonable amount of miles per day.

    The route I'd recommend is I-15 and I-70 to Denver, I-76 and I-80 to Iowa. Then cut north on I-380 around Iowa City, and then take US-151 from Cedar Rapids, IA to Madison.

    There would be plenty of great scenic detours that you could fit into your trip, like Zion, Bryce, or Arches National Parks in Utah, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, or the Amana Colonies in Iowa. All of those places are fairly close to your route, so you should be able to take a quick tour of one or two of them and still make it to Wisconsin within 4 days.

  3. Default On the right track..LA to Madison

    Thanks for reply. It is definitely helpful. Can you suggest us where exactly should we take 1st,2nd,3rd or 4rth breaks for overnight stays?

    Where should we expect high mountain roads or extremes of tempratures, as our car is old?

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    Well, I won't say exactly where you should stop, I can only say what would give you roughtly even days of driving. Stopping in Richfield, UT, Denver (the east side of the city would probably work best), and Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska would give you 4 days that are all right around the 500-550 mile range.

    However, if you want to stop at anything along the way, you'd want to adjust so you might drive a little less on one day and a little more on another.

    You'll certainly be driving through Deserts and I-70 crosses the Rockies at and elevation of around 12k feet, and the plains of Nebraska and Iowa can at times reach into the 100 degree range during the summer. Of course, none of these things should be a problem for a well maintained car, and as always you should have your car checked over by your mechanic before you hit the road.

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