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  1. Default Dallas TX to Destin Fl with 2 kids

    I'm going on a family trip to Destin and need some good family friendly stops between Dallas and Destin. (Cities along the way are Shreveport LA, Alexandria LA, Lafayette LA, Baton Rouge LA w/ Stop overnight, Mobile AL)

    With a 4 and 2 year old I think we all will need some good diversions.

    Bill B.

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    First of all, I think that you're planning to try to cover way too much ground on the first day. Dallas to Mobile by your stated route is nearly 650 miles. I would find that difficult to do on my own, let alone with the extra stops (and extra time at each stop) that the kids will entail. Such a trip will not be pleasant for them, or by extension for you, and you will not, in any event, have any time for any stops other that food, gas, and restroom breaks along the way. If you can make your stop closer to the halfway point, around Lafayette, then you can start to plan some stops that are diversionary and energy burning for the kids and restful for you, such as Martin Creek Lake State Park and Louisiana State Arboretum on day one and Fontainebleau State Park and Meaher State Park on day two. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of state parks, especially for kids as young as yours, since they enjoy being outside as much as anything, and state parks are one of the lest expensive ways to get a good outdoors experience. They also make a great place to just have a picnic lunch and save yourself the pressure of trying to get them to behave in a restaurant setting.


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