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    We are moving this summer from Germany to the Baltimore area (Aberdeen Proving Ground) and will be starting our trip in Brownwood, Texas and want to see Nashville for sure but other than that, we have no idea where to turn a boring move into a summer vacation road trip. We also have the "joy" of taking two vehicles on this trip. Any tips on places to go and ways to cut costs would be great. We don't plan on camping since our hotel is reimbursed by the Army so no need for that though it would make it more adventurous. The last three years in Germany were adventurous enough for me.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    There are actually any number of scenic and relaxing (I assume that's what you mean by not adventurous) between central Texas and the Head of the Chesapeake. Here's one of my favorites. Head due east from Dallas, sprinkling in a heavy dose of US-80 as well as I-20. Stop for a quick look at the spot where Bonnie and Clyde got gunned down in Gibsland, LA. Walk the battlefield at Vicksburg. Then head up the Natchez Trace to Nashville. From there, it's east again through Great Smoky Mountains National Park and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway, dropping down into the Shenandoah Valley and I-81 as needed for a change of pace. Continue north into Maryland and Pennsylvania where a small loop will take you to Gettysburg and Amish Country around York and Lancaster before bringing you back down the Susquehanna River to Aberdeen, all the while missing the 'adventure' of the Washington and Baltimore beltways.


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    That sounds like a great route, definately would like to skip driving through the DC area. We will be hauling a couple motorcycles too so avoiding that mess would be nice. I definately like the scenic route more, I haven't seen that area of the country much, heck I haven't seen the U.S. in three years! I am ready to get "home".

    Thanks again.

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