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    I'll be taking a trip with myself and my two kids (inexperienced drivers - 15 & 17, but experienced travelers). We will be starting in San Antonio, TX on July 21st and need to be in San Diego by August 5th. Have some friends we'd like to visit in Boulder, CO and Salt Lake City on the way out and then wanted to get to the west coast. Would the loop up to Vancouver and then down the West Coast be pushing it too much? How about if we drove from Salt Lake to San Francisco and then down? Does that seem reasonable? Any particular things along the route that we should stop and see - we do intend to see SF and LA along with San Diego (idea is to look at colleges). Then from San Diego back to Texas - I've never driven that - anything interesting?

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    First of all, welcome to the site!

    With regards to the trip, sounds like it could be fun! Hwever only you can know whether it's too far or not. You say that the two are experienced travellers but are they used to travelling long distances by car. And, are you all used to spending lots of time together? You may wish to take a look at this article to help decide.

    Summing up, if planned properly, it could be the trip of a lifetime. If planned poorly, it could be a nightmare and you may never speak again! (it happens!) I think that, at this time, you need to concentrate on that side of things before thinking too much about the exact route and the destinations.

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    Anyone have advise regarding the drive from San Antonio to Boulder. I see that there are two possibilities - one essentially through Lubbock, Amarillo and up to Colorado. The other way would be to go straight up IH35 thru Dallas and OK to Kansas (Salinas) and then over to Denver. This is the way the AAA did the routing however it is a little longer (mileage wise). Perhaps the road is better, though. Any thoughts on a good stopping point along the way. I'm figuring that I can make it in two days. Does that sound reasonable?

    Planning a trip going from Boulder, CO to Salt Lake City - can it be done in a day or will I need to stop somewhere? Where? Then from that point I'll need to find hotels that are nice but also good bargains along the route from Salt Lake to San Francisco and then down the coast. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For as much as I am a fan of AAA, their routings often leave a bit to be desired, which is why when I want a TripTik, I will go in a meet with a mapper and let them know explicitly which roads I want to use. In this case, they are taking you (slightly) out of your way in order to make the most use of Interstate highways, which is what they have found that their average customer generally prefers. However, I think you'd be better served by taking your San Angelo/Lubbock/Amarillo route (990 miles) rather than the Dallas/OKC/Salina route (1180 miles). Timewise, they're probably a wash and could be made in two days of steady driving. But if I were going to be doing that much driving, I'd want a little variety rather than all Interstates. Amarillo or thereabouts would be a good place for your overnight stop.


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    Sounds like a good idea. Don't know if there's much to see along the way except the scenery.

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