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  1. Default early october too cold/ not green enough for Cali road trip?

    I want to drive from LA to San Francisco in late september/ early october this year. It will be my first trip to the west coast. We are trying to camp in Parks the whole time, exploring as we drive. I figure it will be mild at least, but will it still be very green and scenic that time of year, and how cold can we expect it to get?


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    Realize that there is an awful lot of wiggle room in the numbers I'm about to present. One can barely predict climate anymore, let alone the weather on the exact days you'll be there. But average temperatures in the San Francisco are going to be around 50-70║F, so cool at night, pleasant during the day. In LA, those averages are 60-80. Fall colors hit the mountains in late October, so your route should still be green. However browns may be more prevalent if current drought conditions continue.


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    thanks AZBuck

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