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    Three of my friends and I are currently planning a road trip for next summer after we graduate from college. After reading numerous websites and visiting AAA, I came across this website and was wondering if anyone had any advice for us. We plan on leaving the first week of June 2008 and traveling for two to three weeks. Traveling from New Jersey to California we would like to see as much of America as possible without ruining the trip. We would love to see Chicago, Mt. Rushmore, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix and more. Would we be able to see all these sites in the amount of time we are traveling? How much should we budget?

    Thank you all for your help.

    - Rob

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    There are more than a few generalities in your plan at this point, so the best I can do is give you some general advice. Yes you can probably do something like what you have in mind, but only if you can spare three weeks. Otherwise, all you're going to do is drive, without having any time to see the great stuff along the way. In general, you should be looking at something like I-90 to Yellowstone, US-89 to Salt Lake, and I-80 to San Francisco for one leg, then I-5, CA-58 and I-15 Las Vegas, US-93 to Phoenix (be sure to look at using a day in here to get to the Grand Canyon), then I-40 and I-81 to Pennsylvania where one of I-76, I-78 or I-80 should get you home. Denver is too out of the way to include with everything else you want to see. You will have to keep a steady traveling pace to do this even with three weeks, and there are plenty of great sights to see along those routes. Even so you should plan to take a few hours every so often where you and your friends each go your separate ways. Mental health breaks are important to really enjoying a trip like this. You might be able to pull this off for a minimum of $4500-5000 if you all share the same motel room and eat all of your meals out of a cooler, But if you find you need more space or the occasional sit-down restaurant meal, this will quickly start to escalate significantly.


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