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  1. Default Need assistance ASAP...driving SF to NYC July 6th

    I need to drive from San Francisco,CA on Friday July 6th and need to be in New York by Tuesday July 10th. Possible?Crazy?Advice?

    Id like to do 12 hours a day, which is nuts in my opinion, but its part last minute road trip/vacation and part craziness due to someone not wanting to fly. Any experts that have done SF to NY in 4 days please post. thanks in advance.

    Id like to know good places to stop for an overnight hotel stay that isnt a ghost town and will be a treat during this 4 day excursion.

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    If you mean to do this in four driving days, then I'd say this is impossible for a single driver. You would have to cover 725 miles each of those four days. Now while you might be able to do that for one day, to do it day after day after day is going to wear you out before you reach your goal. It's going to require closer to 13 hours a day than 12, and on three of your four days, you're going to lose an hour to time zone changes. Unless you can find a fifth day, which would bring your minimum daily requirement down to just under 600 miles, I'd strongly urge you to rethink this.


  3. Default ty az quick as i posted it, i now can say it has been cancelled haha...

    thank you for your advice though.

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