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  1. Default Looking for people who want to go up Trans-Taiga Rd in Quebec

    Hello everybody,

    I’m trying to get a group together or join up with already existing group of people who want to drive up to the end of what maybe is the most remote road in North America, Trans-Taiga Rd. in Quebec. I’d like to go sometime in the middle of July but am flexible.

    The idea is this, either you are already planning a similar trip and wouldn’t mind me sharing into your experiences and expenses or upon reading this posting you’ve been as taking up by the idea of traveling it all the way to the ominously sounding km 666 as I have and wouldn’t mind sharing into the experiences and expenses with the needed 4WD rental, and so on.
    While first scenario is self-explanatory, with the second one, I’m trying to assemble a group of at least 4 people, that is including myself. Also, in order for the trip to go, at least one of the people must know something about cars and how to do minor repairs (read the link – you’d know why) since unfortunately I can’t be that person

    Right now I’m in Boston but from July 3rd on, I’d be in Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City area trying to get something about the Trans-Taiga Road going. From what I understand these are very remote areas. Visually they may not be the most striking, since usually the most striking spots quickly become major tourist attractions, but it can’t be beat as for the remoteness and wilderness. Also, the Trans-Taiga Rd is reasonably accessible and no more then a day’s drive from Montreal. I’m sure there are other even more amazing places up there in North-Western and Yukon Territories and Alaska but the Trans-Taiga is not only the most remote road but again also is most accessible from the North America’s “main land”.

    I reckon that the trip to the end of the road should take about 3-4 days one-way. There is only one way with the same way out. I personally would prefer to be able to drive slowly, at least going one-way, maybe with taking side hikes here and there.
    Financially I’m thinking it should be no more then $600-700US/$650-750CAN/400-500EUR per person at the most but do understand that I just took this amount out of my head and it may end up being significantly less or maybe a bit more.

    Again, looking to either joining up with a group of people or get a group together in order to drive all the way up the Trans-Taiga Rd. in Quebec.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you folks soon,
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    Default One of our members did it recently!

    Quote Originally Posted by ernestk View Post
    Im trying to get a group together or join up with already existing group of people who want to drive up to the end of what maybe is the most remote road in North America,
    Yes and no. People do live up there. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! One of our members just drove that road and here is his trip report.

    But I agree, it does sound very cool -- good luck with your pending adventure!


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