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    My girlfriend and I are looking at doing this in 14 days in mid september this year, we're looking at flying in and out of LA and probably spending a couple of days in LA at each end as I've got family there. Whats the best way to go about getting between the three places to make sure we see plenty but don't spend too long getting between them, we're probably looking to spend a couple of days in both Yosemite and vegas and would ideally like to go to Disneyland for one day although I guess this might be one of our days in LA?

    Any help would be grand!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    That trip, of some variant of it, is easily the most discussed journey on these forums. Have a look at the posts and threads linked to in this post to get you started on a few of the options and what other people have chosen to do. Fourteen days leaves you a good amount of time to do and see most, but not all, of what's available in this area. One bit of initial advice is to not be in too big a hurry to just get from one stop to another, there is quite a bit to see and do along the way, and a relaxed vacation is always much more fun than a hurried one.


  3. Default West coast in spetember

    Hi just wondering if this was a decent itinary for a west coast road trip in september,

    Day 1 – Land in LA - stay over
    Day 2 - LA
    Day 3 - Drive to Monterey – stay over – (5:34)
    Day 4 - Drive to Yosemite – (5:21)
    Day 5 - Yosemite
    Day 6 - Drive to Kings Canyon – stay over – (2:30)
    Day 7 - Drive to Vegas via Death valley – stay in vegas (4:17)
    Day 8 - Vegas
    Day 9 - Drive back to LA (4:30)

    The times in brackets are from google maps, do they look about right? Any suggestions, additions or changes most welcome, first major road trip!


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    You've got one big problem, Kings Canyon to Vegas via Death Valley really isn't a trip that can be done in one day. Since there is no direct path from Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park to the west side of the Sierras, It certainly can't be done in anything that resembles 4 hours. I'm not sure what you put into Google to get that estimate but it is way way off.

    You'd probably be better off going from Monterey to Kings Canyon and back to Yosemite, so you can cross Tioga Pass and head to Death Valley.

    The other time estimates are a little low (and the trip from LA to Monterey certainly would be much longer if you go via the coastal route) but everything else looks ok.

  5. Default Don't Trust Google Earth driving times..

    I've seen several cases of where the Google Earth driving times seem to be way off.. this seems to be one of them. At a minimum, the GE times seem to be "in the car behind the wheel" times only, not including the necessary additional times for sightseeing, gasing the car, having "bio-breaks" for bathroom, food, and other biological breaks.

    The time from LA to Monterey seems short -- my guess is that Google Earth routed you through the absolutely shortest route, which is not the usual route people take. The usual route is up either US-101, or Coast Highway. This route will take you probably 7-8 hours. It is also a much more scenic route through Santa Barbara, and potentially up through Big Sur past Hearst Castle and Carmel.

    Similarly, the drive from Yosemite to Kings Canyon (From Yosemite Village to Cedar Grove Vistors Center at Kings Canyon National Park) seems short as well. I'd put this at least as as 3 1/2 hour drive, and probably 4 hours -- depending upon how comfortable you are with mountain driving.

    There are no direct routes from there across the Sierras -- you have to either return to Yosemite to cross north of Yosemite on Tioga Pass, or swing south of the Sierras. From Cedar Grove at Kings Canyon to Furnace Creek at Death Valley is at least 7 1/2 hours drive time, and probably a 8-9 hour drive at best. From Death Valley to Las Vegas is from 2-3 hours or so, depending upon your route. Plus sightseeing time of course, plus any other time for gas, bio breaks, etc.

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