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  1. Default Drive from Palm Springs to Scottsdale (via Joshua Tree)


    Later on this month I will be driving from Palm Springs to Scottsdale in 1 day.

    I would like to take in some scenery, and Joshua Tree National Park has been suggested.

    Can anyone help me on the best way to venture into the park?

    I can see that I could enter from the North and exit from the south crossing a large par of the park... or I could maybe just venture into the south entrance a small distance? I will be hiring a "large 4x4 Chevrolet trailblazer or similar".

    Thanks for your help
    Ian (UK).

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    The actual drive from Palm Springs to Scottsdale is only about 275 miles, or a half day's drive. So if you have the rest of the day for some scenery, by all means make the drive through the park from northwest to south. Also be sure to stop at the visitor's center when you arrive and find out if there are any hikes that would appeal to you. One word of warning. Be sure to read your car rental contract carefully. I'd be willing to bet that even though you're renting an "All Terrain Vehicle", you will not be allowed to take it off-road.


  3. Default A loop through JTNP is doable..

    You can do a loop through Joshua Tree National Park, and then get back on the road to the Phoenix area, but its going to be a lightning tour.

    If you head slightly back west and north from Palm Springs, you can pick up SR-62 (State Route 62) heading north to Twentynine Palms/ Yucca Valley. This will take you up to the western entrance of JTNP. You can then take the main road down through the park -- through the main Joshua Tree "forests" and through the Jumbo Rocks area. There's an excellent side trip (on paved roads) to the Salton Sea overloop ("Keys Overlook"?) which would probably be worth the side trip.

    On the east side of the park, you can take the main road south to the southern entrance. This takes you down into a lower desert area, including a goupld of groves of Cholla Cactus and through a different area, and eventually intersects with I-10, which is the main interstate route to Phoenix. The intersection is about 5-10 miles west of Chiraco Summit (there's a small gas station and truck stop there), which is the home of the Gen. George Patton Musuem, since his troops trained in this area prior to going to North Africa in WWII.

    The I-10 route farther east isn't as interesting scenery wise, but is through a stark desert landscape.

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    Had a brilliant trip through the park! Thanks for your help.

    Did the 1 mile loop walk at Hidden Valley, and stopped at a few other places. Had a look at the Cholla Cactus garden.

    Note that the keys view road is closed Mon-Fri until end Sep 2007 - so unfortunately i couldn’t do that.

    Instead I took a round trip along the Geology Tour Road. A bit rough, but the conditions were OK - so the rental car survived!

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