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    hello I am moving To San Fran at the end of August. I have about a week and 1/2 to enjoy the drive out there. Any tips of the most interesting rout or things that I just must see?


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    You could make this drive in as little as 5 or 6 days quite comfortably, so with 7-10 days you have a fair bit of time to wander off the most direct route in order to see a few places you wouldn't otherwise. The two that I would classify as 'musts', even though they are just a tad out of your way are the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. For most of the western portion of your trip, you'll be following I-40 and some of the best venues of the southwest are directly on that route anyway, so worth a stop: the Oklahoma City Memorial, Petroglyph National Monument, and Petrified Forest National Park. But since you're moving, you should also probably think long and hard about places in the Southeast that you always meant to see, but never quite got around to. Places like the Great Smoky Mountains, the Civil War battlefields, Memphis, etc.


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    thanks for the reply. I am moving out there for for the next four years so it is very exciting. I am deft. going to hit vegas! Was wondering if the cadallic ranch is on the way out there. What state is it in?


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    Default Cadillac Ranch

    The Cadiallac Ranch is also just off I-40 outside Amarillo, Texas.


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