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    My husband and I (mid 50's) are looking for an alternate itinerary from Cincinnati to Tampa. We are bored to tears with the usual I-75 route. We have about 5 days for the one way leg. We like antiques and factory tours, plus historic homes and museums. Great scenery is a must! We were just recently in Savannah and Charleston, so we're looking for other "must-see" places. I'm looking forward to your suggestions!

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    I recently outlined a trip around Georgia that sounds very much like what you seem to be looking for: history, scenic roads and quaint towns. That would basically follow US-27 and US-19. Closer to home, to get you in the right frame of mind, US-25 runs parallel to I-75 and you could use it as you start out switching back and forth between those two highways as you either want to dismiss the boredom tears or make a little better time. In southern Kentucky, however, stick with US-25E as it veers off eastward from Corbin to head through the Cumberland Gap. US-321 and US-441 would then bring you south through Great Smoky Mountains National Park after which US-74 west would take you to Chattanooga and connect you with US-27 for the drive down western Georgia.


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