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    My friends and I have been talking about a road trip since the 8th grade. We thought since we all just graduated high school, it would be the perfect time to actually take one. The problem is we don't even know where to start the planning. I have a 1997 Ford Escort to fit 4 people and all of our stuff. We have a little over 3 weeks to make it to Mesa, AZ and back before school starts if we leave at the beginning of August. Money is not particularly an issue, but we would like to spend as little as possible.

    An ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, we've got all kinds of advice around here. My first bit of advice would be to think seriously about finding another vehicle. An Escort is really a small car to try to fit 4 people and a trips worth of stuff, and being 10 years old could pretty easily start bringing some mechanical questions into the mix.

    Otherwise, I'd just start by browsing the forum, and checking out the Planning section of this site.

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    Default Talk Amongst Yourselves to Start With

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm guessing that someone has relatives in Mesa, otherwise that's a very unusual destination. Your biggest problem on this trip will not be money (even though - despite your protestations - money is always an object), nor time, nor what to do along the way, but space. Four people plus stuff in an Escort for three weeks is not going to leave much elbow room. And you are going to be sharing that cramped space for an awfully long time. So two suggestions right off the top:

    1) Take the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz together one evening and talk about what each of you wants and expects from this trip, just so you're all on the same page

    2) Schedule alone time every 2-3 days along the way where you spend, say, a half day to a day in some town or at some attraction where you can all go your individual ways and meet up later to resume your trip.

    Your routing is relatively easy: I-55 to St. Louis, I-44 to Oklahoma City and I-40 to Phoenix. You will be generally following the old alignment of the now decommissioned US-66 so there is no shortage of kitschy attractions along the way. But you might want to look at a slightly different route to get home, just for the variety. One possibility would be to take US-54 across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, southern Kansas and central Missouri. Another good general planning tip is to again sit down one evening with a good Atlas and just look at what roads get you where you want to go and what's along them that piques your interest.

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    Default Sounds like fun, wish I'd done it!

    Hi, Am I right that you are all guys, and that most of you like space stuff. If the above is true, try to find a way to route your trip through Hutchinson, Kansas. Why, you ask? Because just about the best space museum this side of the Mississippi is there. I know it is out of the way of just about everything, but you could easily route your trip through there going one way or the other. I'll let you find out what all is there by doing a little research, but trust me, you won't be sorry.

    One direction or the other you could route your trip down I-44 southwest of St. Louis, MO. There are lots of good caves such as Meremec and Onandoga to see along the way.

    Another cool place that anyone should like is Acoma (Sky City) west of Albuquerque, NM. It is a real pueblo where Native Americans have been living for thousands of years. Today, people still live there without modern conveniences, and they sell amazing artwork at reasonable prices. (Something to bring home to your parents for letting you go on this trip).

    If you are into science, the Very Large Array west of Soccoro, NM is amazing, but you almost have to have an appreciation for radio astronomy to take the time from your already busy trip.

    Keep your eyes on the road (this is good "grandfatherly" advice), you don't want to end up like those cheerleaders in NY.

    Craig Sheumaker

    co-author A Traveler's Guide: America's Living History-the Early Years

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