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    Hi, I have been looking on this site for a long time and you guys have given great suggestions so I thought I would ask a couple questions of my own.
    My best friend and I are driving across country at the end of this summer to get back to school. We are starting in Idaho and ending in Pennsylvania and we are trying to do the trip in five days. We were wondering if you had any suggestions on routes (the quickest would be great) that are also somewhat scenic, as we both have short attention spans and pretty scenery will keep us occupied. Also if you have any suggestions of interesting places to go, weird things to see, restaurants to eat at or places to stay along the way that are great, please let us know! Any other things you have to add would be great as well, we are kind of at a loss on how to start this whole thing. Thanks so much!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to RoadTrip America!

    I do not know that area of the country at all, though I am sure someone will be along shortly who does, but I just wanted to offer this link to one of my favourite sites which I am sure will help you find those 'weird things to see' that you mention!

    Look forward to reading this thread and learning a little about that area.

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    Where is Pennsylvania is your final destination?

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    Thanks for the sight we are definatley going to check that out!

    As of now we are going to end it in Philadelphia, it may change but we are sticking with that.

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    Hi! This is so weird! My boyfriend and I are going on a roadtrip starting in Idaho and ending in Pennsylvania too! I will be going to school in Clarion,PA. When are you guys going? What are you guys gonna see?

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    Default Where in Idaho Matters, Too

    If you're starting from somewhere in southern Idaho, say Boise or Twin Falls, then I-80 is your quickest way across the Rockies and the plains, but if you're starting from northern Idaho, say Coeur d'Alene, then I-90 would serve you better. Details count.


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    That is really weird! We are leaving on August 14th. My best friend goes to school in Connecticut, but I go to school near Harrisburg PA so we are trying to decide if she is going to drive me all the way to school or find somewhere more convenient for her so she doesn't have to drive out of her way for awhile. We have NO idea what we are going to see yet/what we are going to do or where we are going to stay. What about you guys? When are you going? Where in Idaho are you starting?

    We are starting in Boise, do you know I-80 is somewhat of a scenic route? Thanks again for your help.

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    Default In that Case

    I-80 is a fairly scenic road across Idaho and Wyoming, turning more historic and agrarian as it passes through Nebraska and Iowa. Trying to cover the roughly 2500 miles to Philadelphia in 5 days doesn't leave a lot of time for side trips or sight-seeing, but you should try to find a quiet town or local park near the road a couple of times a day where you can take a short walk for exercise and to savor how the country is changing as you progress east. You will have to get away from the exit ramp fast food joints and travel plazas to do this.


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    Hi! We are starting in Boise too! We are going to take about 11 days and go from Boise to Yellowstone and then to Mount Rushmore and then on I-90 across South Dakota and Minnesota and Wisconsin and then down to Chicago and then across Illinios and Ohio to Pennsylvannia. We're going to leave at the beginning of August. Does anyone have suggestions on what to see along the way? Thanks!

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