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    for a three week road trip through out the mountains, coast, desert......basically the whole us....would an investment in to AAA be worth the money????
    note we are road trip rookies.
    what do we do if we happen to break-down in the middle of the desert or south dakota
    (i know prevention is the first step)

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    For my money, AAA provides a great service with maps, tourbooks and roadside service virtually anywhere (take a cell phone). We have used them all (including the roadside service) and are very happy with the lot.

    I hope you don't really expect to see the "the whole us" in 3 weeks, but you can see much of the west, or the east, but not really both unless all you want to do is drive. And that is fine, too as long as you know what you are getting into. New York City to San Francisco or Los Angeles is about 3,000 miles (50 hours of driving) in a fairly straight line. The problem is when you want to get off that line and see the rest of the good stuff there is to see. That adds a lot of miles and time.

    Go for it, and have a good time.


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    Default Like insurance

    I consider AAA just like a form of insurance - it's good to know that it's there, but I hope that I never need to use it.

    If your car came with some form of roadside assistance that is still valid, I think an AAA membership would be of limited use to you. If you didn't have anything of the sort, the membership cost for one year is fairly reasonable and offers other services beyond towing, such as the TripTik, which you may find useful.

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    when looking at AAA, we are looking at it as an insurance policy....our car does not have on star or anything of the sort.

    With AAA, will i have to pay for a whole year, or just the $60/month?

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    Default Other Options

    I've never been a huge fan of AAA, although I would likely be in the minority around here on that one. There are other options that could be a lot less expensive and provide similar service.

    Most car insurance companies offer a roadside assistance option, and that ususally only adds a couple bucks a month to your policy. That would probably be the first avenue I would look into. There are also competitors to AAA, like the Allstate Motor Club, which has an advertisment on the left hand side of this website. I don't know if that option is any better or worse than AAA, but it could be something worth checking out.

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    I don't think AAA membership is $60 per MONTH anywhere. I pay less than $60 for the whole year! Since it is so cheap and I've used it numerous times it is completely worth it in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sphillip11 View Post
    I don't think AAA membership is $60 per MONTH anywhere. I pay less than $60 for the whole year! Since it is so cheap and I've used it numerous times it is completely worth it in my opinion.
    i probably mis-quoted it...especially considering that the allstate version is $54 for the whole year....
    i think im defenitly going to get it for out trip

    thanks all

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    yes, there are other options then AAA that might be a little cheaper, but one things I know for sure is that AAA is available everywhere. The one thing I really like is the free maps. If you are a map person (love to look at maps and such) then the annual membership fee is quickly offset by just a few maps. There is also the case that many hotel/motels have AAA discounts. If you plan ahead internet prices are about equivalent, but if you are driving and then decide to stay somewhere it can be nice to save a few bucks.

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    I guess things are different here in the UK (we'll usually get hauled from anywhere in the country back to our local garage) but I have been a member of the RAC (one of our AAA equivalents) since I first bought a car. Even in such a small country the idea of not having cover would worry the heck out of me. If I was up in the mountains and had to pay for a wrecker to come out there and haul me to a local garage then, frankly, the idea would terrify me! 60 bucks is nothing for the reassurance it would offer.

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    Default Definitely a Good Back Up Plan

    I've only had to use AAA once on a roadtrip, but it was up in New Hampshire. There's no way that without AAA that I'd have found a reputable garage on my own and gotten someone out to help me with my car. Granted it took a long time for the wrecker to show up (2 hours), but it was a good feeling knowing that help was on the way and that I wouldn't be stuck in NH for the rest of my life. :)


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