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    I'm attempting to plan a cross-country road trip for 3 people. We are starting from NC and wanting to hit yosemite, sequoia, and possibly glacier national parks for sure. I would also be interested in the grand canyon, salt lake city and Colorado on the way back home. Just a big circle. I don't really have any time constraints as of yet, but probably in the area of 1-2 weeks.

    I'm lost already! I would love it if someone who has done this could recommend some good places to see along the way and any other helpful advice such as the best routes, best times to go to catch festivals, etc, and places to avoid.

    Thanks so much

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    Cross country and that many sites is a stretch in that amount of time.
    Perhaps pool your thoughts and pick what ya'll would like to see the most.
    Maybe you can narrow it down a bit from there.

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    Lets say you drive point-to-point from NC to Denver then across Colorado to Salt Lake City, then to Glacier (might as well drive through the Tetons and Yellowstone, they are right on the way), then to Yosemite and Sequoia, then to the Grand Canyon and drive home. MINIMUM of 6,800 miles or an average of 485 miles per day for 14 days. The driving time is about 8.8 hours per day. Sounds pretty ambitious to me! We did 6,000 miles in 4 weeks once and as fun as it was, it felt like a workout.

    Obviously, Glacier is way out of the way, so cutting it out would save more than 1,300 miles or about 24 hours of driving. Now it is just an ordeal instead of torture.

    Were it me, even in my younger days, I'd save the 4 days worth of driving to get across the country and back, and do something like fly to Denver or Salt Lake and drive the loop ending in Las Vegas and fly home from there.

    And don't get the idea that we're wimps. Two years ago we drove 25,000 miles across the country and back twice (Sacramento to San Diego to Key West to DC to Sacramento to Seattle to Mackinaw City, to Indianapolis, to St. Louis to Sacramento) in 5 months, which works out to only 167 miles per day, but we stopped each place for an average of two days, and had time to see something every day (the reason for doing a long trip). Last year was shorter, we did the cross-country just once (15,000 miles, Sacramento to Maine and back).

    My real point is, you don't have to see it all in one trip. Pick an area you can see at a reasonable pace, within the time you have. Unless you are deathly ill, you'll have other chances.

    Good luck, and have a ball, but don't kill yourself doing it.

    Craig Sheumaker

    co-author of A Traveler's Guide: America's Living History - The Early Years

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    I just did a 17 day road trip with my 2 best friends from PA to CA. We drove about 7600+ miles. We definitely could have spent more time in some places, but here is what we did just so you get an idea.

    1 - Pittsburgh to Chicago, IL
    2 - Chicago to Omaha, NE
    3 - Omaha to Denver, CO
    4 - Day Off - Whitewater Rafting
    5 - Denver to Wendover, UT
    6 - Wendover to Carson City, NV (Short Day with some car problems)
    7 - Carson City - Lake Tahoe - Yosemite - San Francisco (about an hour away).
    8 - San Francisco, CA
    9 - Route 1 in Cali to Santa Barbara
    10 - Santa Barbara to the Grand Canyon (long day)
    11 - Grand Canyon
    12 - Grand Canyon - Four Corners (dont go there its stupid) - Tucumcari, NM
    13 - Tucumcari to Fort Smith, AR
    14 - Fort Smith to Nashville, TN
    15 - Nashville to Ronake, VA
    16 - Ronake to Reading, PA
    17 - Reading to Pittsburgh

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