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    Hi everybody,
    i am having trouble planning a realistic road trip for July and as we are heading to the US from England we need to book a flight pretty sharpish so i was wondering if you guys would give me a hand planning!

    We have 14 days to play with. I was thinking of doing

    Vancouver and Seattle
    Yellowstone and Grand Teton
    Monument Valley
    Grand Canyon
    Fly out from Las Vegas

    I just can not work out if this is going to represent too much driving/not enough time to spend everywhere.
    I have considered just heading to Denver after grand teton instead, see something nice and have a bit more time to spend everywhere?
    Does anyone have opinions on this or new suggestions? I could give up on Seattle but we'd love to visit a city and do a bit of shopping while we are out there.

    I'd be so grateful if someone could help

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I think the time may be a bit tight to include all that you have planned to see on this trip. I take it your plan is to fly into Vancouver?

    I'd say at this point you could ask yourselves what you ultimately want to see more - going into the cities, or taking in the natural beauty. Getting a good feel for a city can usually take a couple of days. That is up to you.

    What would you consider a comfortable day's worth of driving? We generally don't suggest driving more than 500-550 miles a day.

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    Default How 'bout these?

    Hi, For a two week trip I can see two approaches working well.

    For a northern trip fly to Calgary, BC, see Banff and Lake Louise, drive through Waterton/Glacier National Park to Yellowstone/Tetons and fly out of Salt Lake City. This itinerary is heavy on mountains, but they are beautiful mountains. You could do the Vancouver to Denver (or Salt Lake City) route as you mentioned, but you'd miss the Canadian Rockies, which are spectacular.

    To do the southern sights, you about have to fly into Denver or Salt Lake City then make your way south through the mountains of Colorado and the red rock parks of Utah including Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion and Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon, flying out of Las Vegas.

    Either trip is great, but very different.

    As for shopping, it is pretty much the same anywhere in America with all the chain stores. Of course, there are local specialties, but Salt Lake has some very nice shopping areas as does Denver, or Calgary, or Seattle, or Vancouver. But no place in the West has shopping like Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

    As has been stated, you just have to decide which kind of scenery you want to see most. You can do it all, or most of it, but you'll be driving all the time.

    Craig Sheumaker

    co-author of A Traveler's Guide: America's Living History - the early years

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    Thanks! All very good advice and i think i needed someone to bring me back to reality, i want to see everything but obviously it's impossible.
    I haven't bought flights yet so vancouver, las vegas, denver...anywhere really!
    500 miles a day sounds like a lot actually but i didn't think that we needed to cover that much every day. Maybe my internet distance calculator isn't great. Or maybe it's my map reading hehe (yes i am a girl).
    Initially i was thinking of only doing seattle to yellowstone but then i started thinking that i preferred something more "exotic", as i am from the French Alps, deserts always amaze me more than Alpine ranges i guess so i got carried away. I have already done Zion (the most beautiful place i have seen to date i think) and red rock canyon, death valley ect. Thanks again for the advice i am going to rethink and google all the places that you have mentionned!

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