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    Default Proposed Cost...and well Plans?

    My Sweet sixteen is comming up soon (October 23) for my birthday my mother has given me the ok on a road trip from

    Phenix City, Alabama
    Fort Smith, Arkansas,
    then to
    Los Angeles, California.

    The total distances is 2185 miles. 669 of which are from Phenix City To Fort Smith. My Best friend lives in Fort Smith so my plan is to make a day of the trip from Alabama to Flordia then stay a night at her house before the two of us make our way to california.

    My budget itself is pretty much unlimited, but I want to make an experience out of this trip. Despite the unlimited budget our time IS limited.

    Time wise I probably only have 6 days 8 max. Aside from celebrating my sweet sixteen the main point of the trip is to visit the UCLA campus.

    All in all...

    I have a weeke to travel a total of 4370 miles with only one site in mind. I know because of my short time I know there is not much I can stop and see and stay on schedule however I would love to see more of LA than just UCLA...

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.............................. ..

    What can I expect to spend?
    How should I go about scheduling everything?
    And what else can plan to see????

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    Eight days is a more realistic expectation for a trip of 4370 miles (which I'd be willing to bet would end up closer to 4500 miles), though even then your driving an average of ten hours per day. What were you planning on for lodging? It may be difficult, if not impossible, to be able to rent a hotel/motel room at your age.

    I don't see where you are going to be in Florida on this trip.
    I'm also coming up with ~710 miles from Phenix City, Alabama to Fort Smith, Arkansas - which is a long day for anyone, let alone to take on your first time out.

    For budgeting, a lot of it plans on where you are planning to stay - I've had lodging as low as $3 a night, whereas there really is no upper limit (though I try to stay below $100/night unless there is some good reason not to).


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