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  1. Default Orlando to Irvine, California

    How much do you estimate it would cost if we drove straight there without sleeping? Switching drivers of course.
    Like gas and other supplies wise.
    And what supplies would I need?

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    I would estimate the ancillary costs of not sleeping on your trip out there would be too high. These costs would include, at a minimum:

    Personal fatigue, grumpiness, and irritability.

    I wouldn't recommend it.

    The fuel costs would not change significantly, whether you stop or not.
    Is there a reason you need to be out there in such a hurry? Or are you just trying to save a few dollars.

    The usual supplies we recommend are to have plenty of water, a small cooler to pack something to eat, for at least a couple of meals, a cell phone, good atlas, and to let somebody know your itinerary, and to check in with that person on a regular basis.

    You will find more assistance on our planning page.

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    You are looking at about 2500 miles, which including stops for gas/food puts you in the neighborhood of 40-50 hours (depending on how long stop, traffic, etc) of travel time.

    The cost of gas is going to vary greatly on the mileage of your car, but as an estimate, if you car gets 25 mpg and gas averages $3/gal, that will cost right around $300.

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