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    Anyone know of anything to not miss on the way to the mountains of CO from San Luis Obispo CA? Am I crazy to want to camp along the way? The weather report looks pretty hot.


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    First we'd need to know where in Colorado you're headed. You could take several different routes depending on whether you're headed for a southern destination such as Walsenburg, or a central/northern destination such as Denver/Fort Collins.

    Secondly, heat will not be your problem when camping in the mountains. Even in the 'valleys' of the Rockies you will be several thousand feet in elevation in a dry climate. At night temperatures could easily fall to 45°F, even in July.


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    We are going to be in Fairplay, CO. It is in the mountains and I do think that it will be pretty cool. The elevation is about 10,000 feet. The weather report for our long driving days looks really hot though. By mapquest, the best way to get there is through Las Vegas and then along I-70. My general stopping areas are Barstow CA and then somewhere in Utah (? Green River). What do you think, will the tent be just too hot then?

    Thanks again

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    As it stands, you've got a very easy first day (only 270 miles to Barstow) and a longish second day (560 miles Barstow to Green River). I think I'd try to even those out a bit more. if you can get to Las Vegas on the first day (425 miles) there are a number of campgrounds in the Kyle Canyon area of the Toiyabe National Forest just northwest of town. These are at elevation (7,000 feet) and so should be nice and cool at night. Then Green River makes sense for your second night of camping. For this I think I'd make sure I had reservations, since there are no other public campgrounds within about 100 miles along your route. Overnight temperatures, even at the lower elevation of Green River are forecast to be 60's. I might make sure that the tent could be well ventilated, but I wouldn't let a forecast like this stop me from camping. As for stuff along I-70, check this article.


  5. Default So helpful

    Thanks so much for the great advice. I have made my reservations at the Kyle campground and at the KOA in Green River (I think that the kids will like the pool with a slide). I can't wait to hit the road.

    This site is awesome. Thanks so much again,

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    I camped in the National Forest just outside of Fairplay, in mid-July a couple years ago. It did get a little cool overnight, despite camping in hotter areas on other parts of your trip, you will want at least a medium weight (30-40 degree) sleeping bag for that part of your trip.

    What takes you to Fairplay? I just stumbled upon it during our trip, but I thought it had a real fun feel to it - at least one store took advantage of it being home to "South Park Elementary," and sold various items related to the cartoon. I was also amused that the name of their sports field was Two Mile High stadium.

  7. Default Family Reunion

    We will definitely be bringing the warm sleeping bags. Thanks for the heads up.

    My uncle lives in Fairplay and we are having a family reunion. They have a few acres and we plan on just pitching the tent in the yard/forest somewhere. Luckily we will have all the amenities of the cabin though.

    I can't wait to get going!


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