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    Going from Delaware to LA. It's 2700 mile drive and 40 hour trip. I'm looking to get there as fast as I can I was hoping 54 hours. 20 hours driving 8 hours sleep then another 20 miles driving, my girlfriend who I'm in love with moved back home and cut things off with me. She said I needed to gain her trust back, I know I've screwed up but I hope this can show her how much I'm in love with her. Does the 2 days 2700 miles sound crazy? Any pointers, I'd be going the south route through Virginia, W. Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then finally California. She means a lot to me, enough to drive from one coast to the other. . .

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    I'll start with the time frame. There's no way that you'll make it cross country in 2 days. That's at least a 4 day trip, especially if you're doing it alone and under emotional distress. I'd be very worried about you even attempting this trip in your current emotional state. If you're definitely committed to doing this and have thought the whole matter through properly, why don't you fly?


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    why don't you fly?

    have you never seen any late 90's highschool movie? The guy always takes the roadtrip to save the relationship and winds up falling in love with someone else along the way, but it's such a great adventure that they'll never leave eachother. Except in that movie Rolling Kansas. That's just about driving and getting high.

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    Default Take More Time


    I drove from Coos Bay, Or (the coast) to Des Moines, IA straight through averaging 70 MPH. I have since added it to my stupid list. I remember stopping for a hurd of deer that when I stopped they disappeared. Another part of the trip, I ran over a cow! However, when I pulled over to check the cow/no damage. Needless to say, I was hallucinating from not sleeping.

    That was over a decade ago and I still think what a hug rist for such a small gain.

    Do the trip and have fun. Just don't mimick Rolling Kansas--driving & getting high!! :)

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    Fly! While a cross-country roadtrip can be fun and exciting, all you are trying to do is get from one place to another. Depending on the gas mileage of your car is going to cost your probably at least $300 to drive one way. A quick check of flights appears that you can get a roundtrip from PHL to LAX for ~$200. You may be able to get cheaper from priceline or such as it seems that your schedule is faily flexible.

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    Default Take is slower or fly

    She'll respect you more if you do something sane like take the 4 days. You can call her each day and/or send pictures of your trip "wish you were here" from your cell phone so she'll know you are being responsible, instead of foolish like what probably caused her to move away in the first place.

    The only thing worse than hitting a halucenatory cow is falling asleep and driving into a real ditch. Been there, and survived it, but barely. And I had my two kids with about stupid.

    If you don't have the 4 days, fly and spare yourself the risk, the gas and the wear and tear on your car. Your 2 day adventure can easily turn into a 4 day cracked cylinder head in the middle of Oklahoma. Been there too, but it was Wyoming.

    Calm down and go patiently on bended knee. She wants security, not crazy!


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    That's not a bad price to fly. I'd prefer that, what are some good sites for cheap tickets, last minute tickets unfortunetly.

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    Default Good man

    Glad to hear you're gonna fly. Let's be honest here, if she really is that important, then cost is not an issue. In reality, of course, cost is always an issue. At this late stage I would suggest your best bet is to get yourself along to your local travel agent who will almost certainly be able to help.

    Best of luck buddy.

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    Default Searching for Cheap Flights

    There are several web sites devoted to finding you the best available fare, regardless of timing or destination, including our own. Others of this ilk include (in alphabetical order) Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. Then there are the 'bidding' sites where you tell them what you're willing to pay and see if they can find someone who will accommodate you: Hotwire and Priceline. And finally, there are the 'bundlers' who buy up unused tickets, or tickets on flights that usually fly underbooked and sell them, or who search all the other sites for you: CheapTickets, Kayak and SideStep. There are new services popping up every day, especially in the later categories, but those I've listed have been around for a while.


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    Thanks for the sites. I love her and cost isn't an issue in my mind, but i've had trouble at work these past few weeks and my paycheck is going to be smaller then what it normally is so i might not have the money at all....What a mess, oh well. The things we do for love.

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