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    Default British/Australian family west coast driving holiday

    Hi,we are a family of 2 adults and 2 children under 10 years. Around late August/early September we are flying from London to Sydney (a long term move), and we are considering stopping somewhere on the west coast of N America for a short driving holiday. At this stage any suggestions or advice would be welcome ie a week in the areas around SF, or fly into one city then drive to and fly out of another (Vancouver, Seattle, SF?). Car hire and accommodation options? Thanks in advance.


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    Default If It Were Me

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If I were going to do what you are, namely spend a week on the west coast of the US as a once-in-a-lifetime stopover (possibly) between Europe and Australia, I think I'd be strongly inclined to do a one week motor tour out of San Francisco south along the coast. I'd hit natural spots like the sea lion rookeries and forested parks along the coast as well as some inland venues such as Pinnacles National Monument. I'd also see some of the historic sites along the way such as Carmel/Monterey and San Simeon. Starting and Ending in San Francisco would give me a couple of opportunities to explore that city's Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz Island, and ride the trollies. Others might offer other thoughts and lean towards one of your other stated possibilities, but that's what I'd go with for the most variety and relaxation.


  3. Default Disneyland?

    It would be easy to spend a week or more in a loop out from SF, including some veyr intersting places.

    But I noted you have 2 children under 10 years of age. One option you might consider is a visit to the LA/ San Diego areas. This could include places which your children would enjoy, and probably remember for life, including

    - Disneyland
    - Knotts berry farm
    - Sea World (San Diego)
    - Lego Land (north of San Diego, about 90 minutes south of Disneyland)

    You coudl also include the San Diego Zoo, and the like -- but I think you'll find equivalent zoos at your destination.

    This would depend upon you either making the driver south from SF to the lA/ San Diego area (a full day's drive, or 2-3 days if you come down the Coast Hwy route). An alternative to be explored would be either a one way drive, or hop one of the commuter flights from SF to LA or San Diego. You might be able to land at SF, and then depart from LA international (there are direct flights from Sydney from LAX, but I don't know about any difference in fares).

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    Thanks for the replies.

    AZBuck, thanks for the suggestions. We have stopped over in San Francisco before, on a visit to Australia 4 years ago. This move give us a chance to stop over for more than just a day or two, an opportunity to get out of the cities and see a different side of America. South along the coast sounds good, would it be feasible to take in Yosemite? What about the redwoods, they're north aren't they? How easy would it be to find accomodation along the way?

    Hi Larrison, I've not really considered southern California, the impression I have is that the LA area wouldn't really be suited to the sort of trip we want. Are the places you mention between LA and San Diego? Legoland we've got here in Windsor, not too far away, Disneyland Paris before we leave, though the LA one is probably bigger and more reasonably priced. Your suggestions highlight potential conflict of interest between what we adults prefer and what the children might enjoy!


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