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    Hello, I'm planning to leave LV early in the morning, visit Hoover Dam, then stop at GC West Rim/Skywalk, then get to the South Rim to watch sunset only before 7:30pm, then stay at Williams, this doable? How long does it take for the Skywalk trip?...I heard that you need to take a bus somewhere? And, which way is the fastest way to get to South Rim from Skywalk? Thanks a million!:)

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    I think what you have in mind will be possible, but it will make for a very long day. Hoover Dam is subject to traffic jams and fairly long back ups, but you may get lucky depending on how early a start you get. Still the tour of the Dam will take a while. The drive into the Skywalk involves some fairly basic paved roads. The last 14 miles to the Skywalk are over unimproved road, so you will have to take the shuttle bus for that stretch. So by the time you do all that, see the Skywalk, and get back out to I-40 at Seligman over more basic two-land blacktop, you're going to be hard pressed to get to Grand Canyon Village by sunset. As I say, I think you can pull it off, but you won't be able to dawdle anywhere.


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    Thank you, AZBuck!! Now I decide to skip Hoover Dam on the way to GC. If not going to the Skywalk and to avoid that 14-mile unpaved road, which places are good to visit at West Rim? Does the $25-per-vehicle entrance fee cover both South Rim and West Rim? (Sorry I couldn't reach a real person at GCNP by phone) Then, from West Rim to Williams, AZ, which way is faster, Route 66 or I-40? Are there more interesting places on Route 66? To get to South Rim, do you have to go from Williams? Thanks again!

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    Default West Rim = Skywalk

    The West Rim, where the skywalk is located, is part of an Indian Reservation and not affiliated with the national park in any way. It has a separate entrance fee, plus the fee for the skywalk. You also can't avoid the unpaved road if you are going to the west rim.

    The South Rim is what most people think of when they think about the Grand Canyon. That is part of the national park system and is located an 1-1.5 hours north of Williams.

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