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  1. Default PA to FL in Jan with 2 small kids...nuts?!?!

    My DH is participating in the marathon running weekend at Walt Disney World this January. We are debating as to the best way to get down to Florida and are considering a road trip, at least on the way down. We were considering giving ourselves three days to get down there, starting early in the morning and hitting the destination of the day in the early afternoon to give the kids a chance to play and explore. In January, our kids will be 5 and 1, so long days in the car will not be fun, but we like the fact that we would have our car available and the flexibility driving would give us should the weather decide to get nasty.

    Has anyone turned the east coast trip to FL into a fun road trip for little ones? Any suggestions of places we could stop? Anyone want to tell us we are nuts and we should just fly and save the road trip until they are a bit older?

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    Default Some General Hints and a Question

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    I think your plan is fine (except I don't see how you'd only do it one-way). Three days is a good amount of time for such a trip, only requiring that you cover around 350 miles a day. Be sure to read Chris Epting's hints on travelling with children, as well as checking out these other resources. One other piece of advice I'd give you is to have two smaller destinations each day rather than one big one. This way you can space things out so that you're never more than 2-3 hours in the car on one stretch. They don't have to be grand 'must-see' attractions. A little state park with a lake side beach or a small Children's Museum will do just as well. Before I can offer specific suggestions, however, I'd need to know more precisely where you're starting from. Your route will be considerably different if you start from Philadelphia than it would be if you were starting from Pittsburgh. And for the record, No I don't think you're nuts. While the 1 year old won't notice, you'll be building some very fond memories for the older child.


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    We would be leaving from Berks County which is just outside the Lehigh Valley, a little North of Phillie. If I was going to drive straight through, I think I would be tempted to try and avoid 95, so we would hop onto 78 to Harrisburg and then drop South on 81 then pick up 95 closer to FL...we went to VA that way this Spring and it was a nicer ride, but I am not sure there are as many places to stop. We have also taken 15 South which was also a pretty ride, but again, we made no extra stops since we were just going to VA.

    So ideas for the best route/places to stop would be Very welcome. And I do like the idea of a couple of stops a day.

    We'd hop the auto train on the way back. We rode it both ways last year and enjoyed it, but because of our dates this year the trip down would be really expensive, but the trip back would be reasonable. And I figure that after 10 days of road trip and WDW, we'll be ready to just hang out on the train for a while.

    Thanks for the welcome. We did lots of road trips when I was a kid but this would be my first as a parent. Thanks for the links too. I will check them out.

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    Default Taking a Ride From Reading

    OK - you've clearly done this before and already know the best piece of advice I would give you, namely to take I-81 instead of I-95. But I take exception to your contention that there are not as many places to stop going this way. There's Gettysburg , Fort Frederick, Luray Caverns, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Lexington, VA, and a natural bridge. If you make the connection to I-95 using I-77 and I-26, then you have Lake Norman in North Carolina and Lake Wateree in South Carolina; and once you're on I-95, Savannah, GA and St. Augustine, FL.


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    We've been to VA quite a bit, but we are pretty unfamiliar with anything further south, so I really appreciate your suggestions and the affirmation that 81 is the way to go!


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    Default Road trip to FL

    I've been traveling to Florida from New York by car almost every year of my life (I'm 27) for as long as I can remember, probably since I was about 4 or 5. We always took i95 and stopped at South of the Border for a few hours or even overnight, which is in South Carolina. It's directly off the exit from i95. You can see the whole park from i95. Along the way there are signs leading up to South of the Border, starting maybe 100 miles away. They pop up sporadically and are all different. I always looked forward to stopping there when I was younger. If you decide to take i95 or connect to it at any point, South of the Border would definitely be fun for the kids.
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    Default South of the Border

    I'm not a kid, but I want to go there. I'm a sucker for tacky tourist traps.


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