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    My buddy and I are planning a road trip (of course, why else would I be here?). We're starting in Houston, tx, and hoping to end it there as well. Here's what we were thinking.

    I-10 to I-95 in florida
    I-95 up to Philly, taking I-80 in Penn. to I-70 and hitting Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, then I-55 up to Chicago, I-90 to I-94 to The Twin Cities, then I-94 back to I-90. I-90 all the way into Seattle, I-5 from Seattle to L.A., then I-15 into Vegas, a few state highways into Denver, then I-25 out of Denver through New Mexico, catching I-10 in El Paso, and on home.

    From what I think it's going to be about 10,000 miles. We're taking a 02 Civic sedan, and have around 7 grand. Actually more around 6,800. The whole purpose of this road trip is to visit a Hooters restaurant in every state we drive through. At the moment, I'm working on sponsorship through Hooters of America, Inc.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It sounds like you've got a fun and interesting trip planned ahead of you.

    Unfortuantly, I don't think you'll have much luck with the sponsorship angle. While it doesn't hurt to try, we just haven't seem many people have luck with that sort of thing in the past.

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    yeah I understand what you're saying about the sponsorship. Whether or not we get it, I'm not worried about it. I believe we have enough money, and I've got 400 in the bank set up as emergancy gas. My question is, what is there to do along the way? We're two early 20's guys, both traveling musicians, (I toured with Schoolgirl Knifefight and several other bands) but we're not looking for the venues that we used to play at. Any small bars that anyone could recommend?

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    I'm pretty sure we'll enjoy the drip, but I appreciate the well wishes. I understand that whatever bad happens out there, I've been through worse on the road. Atleast that's what I'll tell myself in order to get through the situation. lol.

  5. Default fundraising ideas

    I'm not quite sure where this goes, so if it needs to be moved to a different sub-forum I wont complain.

    We were declined sponsorship for the trip from Hooters of America, but that's not going to keep us from the original plan. We still plan to visit a Hooters Restaurant in every state we drive through, and staying at the Hooters Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas.

    Next is the topless carwash. Because we all know sex sells. But here's the catch. It's not the girls who are topless. We'll wash the bottom of your car for free, but it's 5 bucks to get the top of your car washed. Get it? Topless car wash. We'll also have sodas and a shop vac there as extra funds.

    The last. You can sign the car with silver sharpie (the car's black) for a dollar. We'll leave it on there for the duration of the trip. For 20 bucks you can decorate a side window with window paint. Or for 100, you can decorate the entire back window.

    let me know what you guys think.
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