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  1. Default Vancouver BC to Eugene WA in 7 days with 3 kids under 7

    Hi, what a great site!
    We're taking a week to drive/hotel to Eugene WA with our three boys 2, 5, & 7. We'd rather stay away from Seattle and Portland but have no other restrictions. Any suggestions for routes/stops/hotels?

    Many thanks

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    Default Please Check Your Map

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forums.

    However, there is no Eugene, Washington!

    There are:

    Eugene, Oregon
    Eugene, California
    Eugene, Idaho

    But no Eugene, Washington.


  3. Default too much stress planning

    Thank you - I'm not sure what I was typing, thinking (not?), smoking, or doing. We are going to Eugene OR from Vancouver BC. Many apologies for my mistake. Still trying to come up with something kid friendly for our first yee ha! family vacation.

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    Default Can You Take the Time for the Long Way?

    Your choices on getting from Vancouver to Eugene are pretty limited if you only drive, however, there is a great alternative, that while it will take a bit longer, will give the boys an adventure and the parents a break from driving. This would involve taking the ferry (approximately CAN$80) to Vancouver Island, driving down to Victoria and then taking a second ferry (approximately US$50) to Port Angeles, WA. That allows you to bypass Seattle-Tacoma entirely.

    Besides the ferry rides themselves, your boys would probably enjoy a visit to the Royal BC Museum (great natural history exhibits), or if you can put up with it the Bug Zoo. You also get deposited on the Olympic Peninsula at the doorstep to Olympic National Park. You can either go west at this point and take the coastal portion of US-101 all the way down to Florence, OR before turning inland on OR-126 to Eugene, or you can turn east initially and take US-101 along the Sound to join I-5 at Olympia and take that down to Eugene, using I-205 to bypass the heart of Portland.

    If you take the ferry/coast option, it will take a fair bit longer than just trying to bull your way down I-5 all the way from Vancouver to Eugene, probably two days instead of one, but it will make the drive a part of the vacation rather than something to be endured before your fun gets started. If you go this way, then you should probably be looking to stay around Hoquiam/Aberdeen, WA or maybe a little farther north depending on how the ferry schedules work for you and how much time you want to spend in Victoria.


  5. Default Love your idea

    great ideas, will definitely do so as the ferry will be great for the children. Have no desire to do any hard driving as we have the entire 7 days to get there and would like to make the journey as much fun as possible. Had never heard of the bug zoo - so we'll definitely check that out.
    Anything else that people have heard about on the US-101 that are "must stops" and/or overnighters for the little ones?

    Many thanks

  6. Default A couple of stops..

    A couple of things your family might have fun doing on the way (the coastal route)

    - When in Victoria, you might catch one of the Orca watching trips out of Victoria harbor to go see one of the pods of Orca in the area.

    - From the ferry landing at Port Angeles on the Olympic Pennisula, an interesting drive would be south to Hurrican Ridge in the middle of the Olympic mountains. Nice vistas.

    - An interesting place to stop might be the Lake Crescent Lodge, on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. This is an old historic hotel with a more modern motel section as well -- I found it very reasonably priced, and very scenic. There's a short day hike (like 30 minutes each way) from the back of the hotel to a local waterfall, which is very nice to visit.

    - Hoh Rain Forest, also in the Olympic National Park. This is the farthest north rain forest in the world, and is fed by the larger rainfall in the Hoh Valley on the west side of the Olympic Pennisula. Very interesting with a couple of short nature trails you can take the family on.

    - Depending upon your interest in turning east, once you cross the Columbia River at Astoria, there are a large number of wineries on the western side of the Williamette Valley (the large valley south of Portland, leading down to Eugene). Some very excellent wines come from here.

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