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    So in a few days I'll be embarking on a road trip from New York to Denver.

    I'll be driving in a Penske box truck so I have to avoid certain highways and parking will be a little difficult. With that said, I would like to stop and see some cool things along the way.

    I will be leaving EARLY Thursday morning and I need to arrive by about 11pm Saturday night.

    Where should I stop along the way?

    Some thoughts I had:

    Penn State (College Park, PA) -- for lunch?
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland, OH)
    Cedar Point Amusement Park (Sandusky, OH) -- I love roller coasters
    Sears Tower (Chicago, IL)
    Council Bluff, IA / Omaha, NE -- casinos and steaks?

    I'm sure theres a lot more cool stuff along the way...

    Also, where should I spend the two nights?

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    You need to cover 660 miles each of the three days you are on the road. You will not have time to stop anywhere, not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not Cedar Park, not the Sears Tower. You need to get on I-80 and just keep it pointed west for three solid days. Your overnight stays (for sleep!) will be in Toledo, OH and Des Moines IA.


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