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    Thank you for your response to my previous query, I have another one for you!

    With regards to Visas, I was wondering if it was possible to arrive in the US and be issued a standard three-month visa and then at a later stage in our trip hop-across the Mexican border, returning to the US a few days later, and be issued another/new three-month visa?

    The other thing to note would be that on our initial arrival our return flights would be for five months later, so two months over the standard visa length. Would this cause problems with the officials and would they be suspicious od this?

    If we explained our plans to them (ie we were intending to spend some time in Mexico and then return to the US) would this be acceptable?

    Thank you for your help, I look forward to hearing your advice.

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    This is not a situation where you want to rely on the advice of amateurs, no matter how well meaning. You need to get in touch with your local US Embassy or Consulate and spell out exactly what you have in mind. For starters, check out the US State Department's visa web page. That should answer at least some of your questions. You really do not want to show up at customs with a 3 month visa and a return ticket for 6 months later. The last border agent who took the law into his own hands and let someone in who shouldn't have been is now redundant. Similarly with your plan to jump over to Mexico and start all over. You will be showing up at the border with an expired visa. They will not admit you. This is not something you're going to talk your way past. Get your ducks in a row now.


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    A friend of mine used to go to the US on a regular basis using the visa waiver programme (the 'standard visa' that you talk of if I'm understanding you correctly) and was once refused entry as she had taken advantage of the programme too frequently. They explained that a record was kept of how many days that a visitor was in the country (you need to hand back the visa waiver form when you exit the country) and there was a limit of 3 months in any 12 month (ie rolling) period. I don't know how accurate that is but I would suggest contacting the US embassy in London and seeking their advice. More than likely you will need to apply for a visitors visa which will entail you attending an interview in person. It's a total pain in the arse but it's just one of the hoops you have to jump through to get into the US legally.

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    Cheers for the replies, much appreciated. Yeah we didnt think this would be possible so we're now looking at reducing our trip to three months and sticking to the time allocated on the Visa Waiver Program, having a couple of months in Mexico beforehand.

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    It may still be worth calling the US embassy to check their views on this. I am sure it'll be fine but you could find yourself answering a lot of questions coming into the US for three months from a country other than your own. The US immigration people are extremely frustrating when it comes to that sort of thing.

    Regardless, have a great trip, and be sure to let us know how it goes!

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