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Thread: Best Gps ??

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    Default Best Gps ??

    Hi thought this would be an interesting topic.
    I was lucky enough to do a 3 month raod trip taking in over 11,000 miles all very well aided by my GPS system BUT when I got to LA the exits and lane choices was all too much for our electronic lady. the basic problem was that by the time the GPS knew where we were we were on top of the next juction only to miss it because the GPS could not get the next instruction out quick enough. Also with so many lanes it was hard to know where to place the car next. Too far right and we could not get off left if she caught up in time. Apart from that we had a fantastic trip with no need to buy maps at all. Anyone had similar experiences or does anyone have a great GPS they can use properly in LA when they realy don't know where to go next ??

    If so then I can't imagine there would be a better one out there. If it can cope with LA then its the boss

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    Good topic. What's the brand and model of your GPS?

    Mark has introduced useful information on GPS in the post "Boston to San Diego late July."
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    Thanks it is a Megellan Roadmate 760 with both North America & whole of Europe maps.

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    Default We purchased the first version

    Quote Originally Posted by scoobysteve View Post
    Thanks it is a Megellan Roadmate 760 with both North America & whole of Europe maps.
    In 1994 we purchased the first model Magellan ever built for the consumer market -- it was the size of a large loaf of bread...


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    Yeh this thing isn't tiny but it was just about the best thing on the market prior to my 11,500 mile road trip in 2005. I will still use it in August on my mini road trip.

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    I really like my setup, I bought a used PDA (HP iPaq) on eBay a few years ago, along with a Seido powered windshield mount (that also has an external speaker).

    For my GPS receiver, I use a Holux GPSlim 236 bluetooth GPS receiver. My software of choice has been TomTom Navigator, with all US maps on a 1GB SD card.

    Having a non-proprietary piece of hardware allows me to change between software and maps easily, and lets me stay current on GPS technology. The iPaq is quite a machine and can dish out and keep up with the software without any problems.

    I've never had any problems with my setup. The only "catch" is that in order for the receiver to get a good lock, it needs to be turned on when I'm at a stop so it can acquire the signal from the satellite(s).


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