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    Default South East mini trip in August

    Hi all I will be taking a mini raod trip in August starting from Orlando for about 5-7 days. I would like to stick to the west side of Florida as I have already taken in the east coast in a previous road trip.
    Was thinking of heading west to the coast then north to as far as we can go then come back through the centre of Florida.
    Does anyone have any great ideas. Me and my wife will be travelling with her parents all very able and willing for adventure and fun. No real restrictions on budget.
    Any round trip ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Default How Far Do You Want To Go?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    With five to seven days, you could get to Canada from Orlando, and still have time to come home, although that wouldn't leave a lot of time for sight seeing. But it sounds like you want to stay a little closer to home, since you only mention Florida. As a compromise, I'm going to suggest one possibility, and that is a leisurely tour of Georgia. You could start by taking FL-50 west to the Gulf coast and Weeki Wachee Springs, home to one of the last great 50's type tourist attractions. US-19 will then take you north along the coast where another relaxing stop would be in Cedar Key. Next up would be a visit to your own state capital and then on into Georgia. Working your way up the west side of the Peach State, possible stops include Andersonville National Historic Site, FDR's Little White House, and Callaway Gardens. Finish up in the northwest corner of the state at Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park and then turn south for a return run down the center of Georgia with possible stops at Stone Mountain, Eatonton, Macon, and the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge before making the final run for home. But, as I said, that's just one possibility for a trip. I just hope it gives you an idea of what's available to you no matter where you decide to go.


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    wow thanks AZBuck, I agree we could get to Canada but I realy wanted to keep within a few States and perhaps see more and take in more things. When we did our 3 month trip we tended to travel for about 5 hours a day and settle. I would prefer to travel for less time and see more so thanks for the great ideas. I will check out your links and see what suits.


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    Default About you?

    What interests do you have? What would you like to see? I guess from your username that you're into cars? Are you into racing?

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    Strange that you should say that, although I am not sure how you got that from my user name. I do race but its not what I am looking for. I will be with my wife and her parents, so interesting stop off points with good accomodation. not too many hours driving each day, thats why I wanted to keep it fairly local. Cheers

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    Default Username

    I just presumed from the username that you're a Scooby owner...

    Anyway, given you'll be with your wife and her folks, it's far more important to tell us what they are likely to be interested in!

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