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  1. Default Eating our way across America.

    We are moving to Atlanta from Los Angeles in August, and we'd love to hear your suggestions about great places to eat along our route. We'll be driving through Vegas, Mt. Zion/Bryce, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Santa Fe, and then will shoot straight across I-40 through Amarillo, TX, Oklahoma City, and Memphis. We're omnivores with basically no dietary restrictions. :-)


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    The only thing that immdiately comes to mind is the Big Texan off I-40 in Amarillo. Other than that I'd suggest checking out the Food Network and the Travel Channel. I know one of those was running a show about the best places to pig out in the US the other night. One of the stops listed was the Big Texan.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    RTA has reviews and articles on about a dozen restaurants hidden away. Go to the Road Food page and see some of our favorites. Alternatively, you can also go to the RTA Search Page and look for some of our discoveries here. On this page you have the choice of using either the Google Search or the RTA Search utilities. RTA also has a page of road food resources (links to other sites) with some of this information and you could start there in your quest.

    My favorite way of finding a good meal is to drive into a small city or town, say 5-10,000 people, drive and then walk the main street. Usually towns of this size are large enough so that they can support 2 or 3 restaurants so there's competition, but small enough so that the restauranteurs are basically serving meals to their friends. Good Luck.

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    Thank you both for your advice. We had already tried the things you suggested, but the problem is that aside from major cities, those generic road food lists rarely contain restaurants along the exact route we'll be traveling. I was just hoping that others who had traveled our route would remember cool little cafes and diners they stumbled upon along the way. Perhaps that's too much to ask of the I-40 ; )

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    Absolutely, ask for tips, but part of the fun is finding out for yourself. Sure there'll be the odd disaster - just get up and walk out if you don't like the place - but you'll be amazed at just how many cool places you'll discover if you 'go with the flow' and just pull in when you're hungry.

    Do you have a CB radio? One idea might be to ask on there for tips. Truckers will surely have a list of decent places to eat just off the interstate.

    When you arrive in Atlanta, be sure to check out The Varsity - I've heard good things about it and I might see you there!

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