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    Default Grand Canyon to Seattle

    I'm from England working temporarily in Austin Tx, and have been here for 9 months, but not really seen anything of the US yet :(

    So I'm planning to take 14-17 days off and get some sight seeing in. My plan is to meet family and friends in Seattle, as they pass through there in mid-September. So that set the timing and destination.

    Along the way I want to see the natural wonders rather than man made ones, a few days of solitude would great, mixed in with some gentle hiking, golf and jet boating (in Hells Canyon)

    I've listed the places that I think would be good to see below :-
    Grand Canyon (Must see)
    Salt lake
    Jackson Hole
    Yellowstone (Must see)
    Glacier national Park (Must see)
    Nez Perce historic Park
    Hells canyon
    Mount St Helens
    Mount Rainier
    Seattle (Must arrive in one piece :)

    As far as the Grand Canyon goes I'm thinking I'll fly to Vegas or Flagstaff, see the Grand Canyon the next day and then fly on the following day to Salt lake City

    ?? Question: Unless anyone really thinks I should drive to Salt Lake City from The Grand Canyon

    As far the road trip from Salt lake City to Seattle goes, I'd be interested to hear from people on :-
    1. Are there any must see places on/ near my route that I should consider
    2. How long should I spend in Yellowstone to get to see the best of it (I'm not into camping, so nothing more than day hikes!
    3. Same question for Galcial National Park, Nez Perce and Hells Canyon
    4. Which side of Mt St Helens is best to go East/ West?

    I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments and suggestions any of you may have


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    Default Once Around the West

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Great list of natural wonders you've picked out. Time will be a bit tight, but still this is a trip I wouldn't mind making myself. First of all, I think I would just book the one flight into Las Vegas (which will have many more, lower cost flights than Flagstaff) and make just the one car hire. Not only does it save you the cost of the Las Vegas to Salt Lake flight, but the drive between them goes right by two of our most scenic national parks, Zion and Bryce Canyon. And as long as I was doing that, I'd look at going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon rather than the more heavily visited south rim.

    You've covered pretty much all the high spots along your (somewhat circuitous) route, and I don't see where you'd want to cram in too many more. From Salt Lake City, the drive up US-93 through the Tetons and Yellowstone will take you by some of the best parts of those two parks, and I think West Yellowstone, MT would make a good base of operations for you. I'd give Yellowstone a good two days, but again on your schedule, that's about it. Same for most of the other parks. A day or so is enough to take some short hikes and get the flavor of what they have to offer. You may not even be able to give all of your stops that long, But I certainly would not pass them by because that was all the time I could spend. At Mount St. Helens, it was the north face of the mountain that gave way in the eruption, so most of the effects would be in that direction. I would suggest that you approach from the northeast along the paved forest roads 25 and 99 from US-12 at Randle, WA. This has another advantage in that US 12 follows the valley between Mount St. Helens on the south and Mount Ranier on the north.


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    Thanks for the reply AZBuck. I checked out Zion and Bryce Canyon and they look great. So it looks like they are on the list too :)

    Regarding the "circuitous route", Glacier national park was one of the key places, and I'd really like to see Mt St Helens, so if there was a more direct route, I gues I could cut out Nez Perce and Hells Canyon, but I guess that would only really save me one day.

    I wasn't planning on pre-booking everything e.g. hotels, so if time gets tight I can replan on the fly.

    I appreciate the tips you gave me.

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