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    my hubby and i have 5 days and plan our first road trip. we have never done this before . We plan to move from nashville to FL (orlando ). Have no clue wjhat to see on the way and where to stop. Would love to recive some inputs from you .

    our trip would be from 30th June to 5th july. Is this a good time to go to FL. We are new to nashville too . If not , are there any alternative routes/places we can visit .

    Appreciate all your replies


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a little confused, is this a one way move or is this a roundtrip roadtrip for fun?

    The direct route to Orland (via I-24 and I-75) is about 700 miles, so the one way trip could be done in as little as one very long day on the road, although a day and a half would probably be more comfortable for you.

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