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  1. Default 7-10 days Salt Lake City to Anchorage RT with teens...

    Trying to come up with a summer vacation that will appeal to teenage boys (14 & 17), one of the options they "approve" of is a "road trip to someplace cool, like Alaska."

    I lived in Anchorage as a teen, and would love to take my boys there. I read all the posts on planning an Alaska trip from earlier this spring (thanks for the archives!), and am encouraged that it might actually end up being something that will make for a memorable experience for all of us.

    One idea I had was for us to drive from SLC to Anchorage via the Alaska Highway, then putter around in the general area for a few days (again, many wonderful suggestions from the earlier thread), then take the Southcentral Alaska Ferry from Whittier to Valdez, connect with the Cross Gulf Ferry from Valdez to Juneau, and then take the Southeast Alaska Ferry from Juneau down to Bellingham, Washington. From there, we'd drive back to Salt Lake City.

    Has anyone done this? Is it realistic? We'd probably end up staying the night in Juneau, but this route would give us the best of both worlds - the fabulous drive through the interior, and the boat-trip through the Inside Passage.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't really have any good news for you. There just is no way to do what you are hoping for on your timeline.

    Its a 3000 mile trip from Salt Lake to Anchorage. Ideally that's a 6 day drive one way, and minimum that's a 5 day trip.

    The Ferry back to Washington State takes 3 full days, and that doesn't include time to spend the night in Juneau.

    So just getting to Alaska and back will take up more than 7-10 days, leaving no time to "putter around for a couple of days."

    Spending some time in Alaska could be a great trip, but if you only have 7-10 days, you need to fly there and then spend your time driving around the area.

  3. Default reality bites...

    I was just looking at schedules for the ferry, and was surprised to find that it would be about a 4-day trip back on the ferry. I was also trying to remember how long it took us to drive the Alcan when I was a teen (with no concept of time), but just thought it seemed longer because of the additional time spent setting up/taking down a tent trailer at the end/beginning of each day. Even so, I'm surprised to hear you say it's a six-day drive. I'd have thought something closer to four.

    Can't say I'm crazy about the fly/rent a car option...will have to think on this one a little more.

    Maybe if we alter the route to drive north through Canada, then jog over to Skagway and take the ferry back to's a thought.

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