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    In the very early planning stages of a trip to Canada next summer and would appreciate any tips at all on what to see/do/driving tips etc etc.

    Hoping to take in Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise and any other places of interest - any suggestions on things to do would be much appreciated.

    Also, is it better to fly into Vancouver or Calgary?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry to say that the Canadian Rockies are a place that is high on my "to do" list, but its not yet a place that I've visited.

    I'd say that Calgary or Edmunton will be a lot closer to the places you want to visit, but Vancouver could still be an option if it is a lot cheaper and you don't mind driving a few hundred miles.

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    Hi Heather,

    I haven't been there (yet!), but as a proud Canadian citizen ahem:o), I feel it is my duty to feed you with at least some information and attractions that a lot of people who've been there told me about.

    If you fly into Vancouver, you might as well visit some of the nearby attractions like Tofino on the west coast of the island where you can go whale-watching (if it's the season), hiking or just hang out on the beach. Closer to downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park is the third largest urban park in North America and is often on top of the list of this city's main attractions. Also, don't miss Fraser Canyon, Capilano Suspension Bridge, the Minter Gardens and the Vancouver Aquarium.

    Either Edmonton or Calgary would be a good starting point for a road trip in the Rockies I guess. If you go to Edmonton, don't miss the West Edmonton Mall, the world's largest shopping center featuring waterslides, an ice skating rink, all sorts of rides and art exhibitions. Personally, when on a roadtrip I try to stay away from shopping centers, but I've been told this one was really worth the look.

    If you're flying into Calgary, during the famous Stampede, don't forget your cowboy hats and boots, they're a must!

    The Columbia Icefields inside Jasper National Park are definitely a favourite. Visit the magnificient Jasper Park Lodge and Banff Park Lodge where thousands of happy couples get married every year. Locate a hot springs resort and spend a relaxing evening in a private little cave. Of course, Banff and Jasper are both a paradise for hikers. However, if you prefer more tranquil activities, I believe there are historic guided tours in the downtown areas. I also found this website that gives suggestions of itineraries for short and longer roadtrips through Alberta.

    Have fun!

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