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    We are planning a Road trip from LA to Detroit. We are trying to make it in 2-3 days. Any suggestions on the best routes? How to avoid traffic? What to see on the way back (Las Vegas, Denver, etc.)? Thank you!

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    LA to Detroit is a 2300 mile trip, and even covering that distance in 3 days would be more than we'd recommend. You'll need to be on the road for about 13.5 hours a day to make this trip on this timeline, which is very much a speed run and beyond the distances that professional drivers are allowed to travel. I wouldn't even consider attempting this journey in 2 days.

    As far as a route goes, I would recommend taking I-15 to I-80 to I-94. There are the fewest major cities on this route, so you'd have the smallest chance of running into traffic issues that could slow you down.

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