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    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum, and Im really excited about an upcoming road trip Im planning. I've decided to make a 10 day trip from San Fran to Vancouver. I have some ideas where I want to stop on the way, but there is one aspect I was hoping to get some input on from you guys. I wanted to make the trip in a VW westfailia, and the only company I've found in the San Fran area is California Campers. Since I would be traveling in the high season, according to Calif Campers, the rates are rather high. 820/week. Does anyone out there know of another company that rents VW westys? I'm willing to pay a premium to rent this really cool car, but 820 per week seemed a little steep. I'm just a cash strapped grad student, please help!!!

    I look foward to exploring this sight in great detail!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rscott12 View Post
    I'm new to this forum, and Im really excited about an upcoming road trip Im planning.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Over the years, I have been in touch with a firm in SLC that used to rent exclusively Westfailas -- but now I see they have branched out a little. I don't seem to have the owner's names in my database anymore (weird), but they seemed very conscientious.

    Here are some threads that I think you will find helpful for planning your trip:

    Washington Highlights by Moderator Judy

    Seattle & Portland attractions (also by Judy)

    Mt. St. Helens and environs by Peter Thody

    Ten days on the California and Oregon Coast -- also by Peter

    It is possible that the rental services we support, might carry Westfailias -- but I don't remember them -- but you can search here.

    Happy Planning.


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